Thursday, April 16, 2015

How To Apply Fake Lashes TUTORIAL

 Hey loves!  Well it's been a hot minute since I brought you a fun lil tutorial so today I thought I'd share my tips and tricks on how to apply fake lashes!

There's definitely a good amount of technique to lash application, but in this tutorial I will break it down for you, step by step, and make it super easy.  :)  Enjoy!


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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sunny Coachella Vibezzz

Festival season is here!  If you live in the LA area, then you're probably among the thousandsssss who are prepping for a Coachella getaway this weekend.  I still haven't figured out if/when I'm going BUT I will say that I've been completely inspired by the season to break out my fav boho looks! 

This yellow sundress by AMIClubwear is one of my newest wardrobe additions and I'm OBSESSED with it! Cali tends to get chilly every now and then, so It's good to always be prepared with a cardigan or light jacket - this gray cardi is one of my old favs... I think I bought it years ago at Urban Outfitters. I just love how adding one layer like this breaks up the yellow and dresses it down a bit.

Typically I'd pair a nice wedge with something like this - but ain't nobody want to be clunking around Coachella fields in wedges... hence these super cute white sandals!  I love the fact that they still give me a lil height cause this 5'4 girl needs all the help she can get.

Now ya know I've gotta have some fun with my nails!  Whenever warmer weather hits I break out my bright spring polishes.  Love the pop of color this coral brings, along with the touch of gold on my two accent nails.   OH! -And now would also be a good time to talk about my sunnies!   I snagged this pair at Melrose Trading Post Flea Market a couple weeks ago - they were 2 for $15!!! #SCORE

No boho look is complete without some fun jewelry!  What I love about looks like this is that I can wear all of my current favorite pieces at once. 

Let's talk rings first.  For me, more is more and I always mix my fine jewelry with smaller midi rings that I've collected over time. 

The latest addition to my ring collection, however, is my current fav!!!! 

So I fell in love with Anne Sisteron's jewelry line back around Oscar time, when my stylist pulled some STUNNING pieces for me to wear on the red carpet.  Ever since, I've been stalking Anne's website (and her Beverly Hills store) and can not get enough of her gorgeous pieces.  Needless to say, this rose gold and diamond ring is my new every day essential. 

AND GUESS WHAT?!?!  In honor of how much I love her stuff, she's offered my readers an exclusive discount!!!!  If you shop her website and use discount code "SHAE15" when you check out, you get 15% off!!!! Yayayayay. #YoureWelcome

For my necklaces, I wanted to add one more pop of color, and I loved this vibrant blue stone by Hannah Iris Jewelry.   I layered it with my "J" (for my husband Joel) tassel necklace by Ellie's Sparkles.

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Monday, February 23, 2015

2015 Oscars: BEST & WORST Dressed

Hey lovelies!  I'm so excited to share my picks for this year's Best & Worst dressed on the red carpet.  I definitely get a bit opinionated here, but it's all in good fun.  :)  It was such an honor to have the opportunity to walk the red carpet for the second year in a row!  I hope you enjoy my video and be sure to sound off in the comments - let me know if you agree/disagree with my picks. 


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Oscars #OOTD

Well ^this^ picture pretty much sums up how I feel right about now.   This is my second year in a row to hang at the Oscars red carpet, and I have to say - it's quite a surreal feeling.  So many people from all over the world buzzing around, wearing the most beautiful gowns, all prepped and ready for one of Hollywood's biggest nights of the year!

I'll be posting my red carpet picks for Best & Worst dressed in a bit, but for now I want to share all the deets of my own look!

It all starts with the makeup... and my fav makeup artist on earth, Lyndsay Zavitz glammed me up today.  Our goal:  Natural, soft, glam.  This picture doesn't even do her work justice... my skin was GLOWING thanks to Lynds!  I absolutely LOVED how thick and full my lashes looked... gosh I wish I could re-create this look every day!!!

I told my stylist - Stephanie Ward - that I'd love something with sleeves, preferably emerald green.  I could not have imagined we'd find EXACTLY that!!!

This STUNNING gown is by @MTCostello, designed by Michael and Stephanie Costello.  It was such an honor to wear one of their creations.   It fit like a glove and gave me such confidence walking that carpet.  I can't even tell you how many people stopped me to ask "who are you wearing?"

When it came to jewelry - we wanted to keep things elegant and simple:

Earrings and rings are by Anne Sisteron Fine Jewelry.  She has a little boutique in the heart of Beverly Hills and walking into her store is like walking into a glam girl's heaven!  SO MANY BEAUTIFUL PIECES!

My edgy gold clutch was gifted to me by one of my very best friends, I was so excited to finally have the perfect outfit to wear it with.

Well, it's been a loooooooong weekend and I could not be more excited to get some rest tonight, so besitos to you all and stay tuned for my Best/Worst Dressed Recap Video coming out TOMORROW! :) 


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New week, New Deals!

Happy EXTRA Hot Deals day!  I'm so excited to share this week's segment featuring some fabulous items.  From handbags, to super soft blankets, I'm offering some MUST HAVES today... you're gonna want to snag them before they're gone! :) 

*Click Below for all the details and to watch EXTRA Hot Deals*

'Extra' Hot Deals: Handbags, Soft Blankets and More!

Monday, January 5, 2015

My thoughts on Teresa Giudice & her Prison Sentence

I realize I haven't taken time out to write about celeb happenings on my blog lately... as I've been so busy expanding things into the beauty/fashion department, but today I absolutely had to. 

Today is the day that Teresa Giudice checks into prison to serve her 15 month sentence for fraud and tax evasion.  



-She checked in to Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut at 3am this morning

-This is the same minimum security prison where “Orange Is the New Black” author Piper Kerman served

-Her attorney described her as "mentally and emotionally prepared"

-She was greeted by other inmates who showed her the lay of the land and told her to keep her head up.

-As soon as she's released, Joe will begin his sentence of 41 months


While it can be entertaining to make light of Real Housewives drama on the show, in this case, my heart goes out to the Giudice family in a major way.  

 I had the opportunity to interview Teresa a couple years ago, and while yes she may have seemed a bit out of touch with reality, she was gracious enough to take an hour of her time to chat with me about some intense issues.  Nothing was off limits, and I respect the fact that she is so candid about things.  Bottom line, she's a mom - trying to provide for her family the best she can.  I sympathized with her.

Yes, I believe people need to face consequences for their actions, and justice needs to be served... but that doesn't mean we can't be sympathetic towards those who are going through horrific circumstances.  

This is a family who, for the next 5 years, will be torn apart.  Their four girls will have to suffer for the mistakes their parents made.  

It's situations like this that serve as a reminder to me how important integrity is.   It can take a lifetime to build good character, and a moment to destroy it.   I surely am not perfect, no one is!  We all make mistakes.  But I feel like taking a moment sometimes to keep yourself in check can help.  To re-focus your goals, how you're living, why you're living.  

For some reason, I woke up today with this phrase on my heart... and I feel like it serves as such a relevant warning, especially considering today's headlines:    

Guard your calling.

 Don't risk a legacy of integrity on a bad decision.  

Thanks for allowing me to get a lil bit serious in today's post.  I just felt like it was important to share. You know normally I like to keep things light-hearted here but sometimes ya just gotta get real ya feel me?!? :) 

Love you all! xo