Jason Aldean & Wife - SPLITSVILLE?!?!

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He's one of the biggest country music stars in the world but sadly things aren't going as well when it comes to his love life.  I've got the latest details on Jason Aldean and his rumored split from wife of 12 years, Jessica.

PLUS... It's not all sad news today... Michael Jordan got hitched over the weekend and you HAVE to see the beautiful dress that his bride Yvette Prieto wore!  STUNNING!


American Idol's Top 4 Recap

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We're down to the top 4 on American Idol Season 12, and they ALL happen to be extremely talented ladies.

 Kree and Amber MAY be my favorites but who's in danger of going home? -My answer may surprise you! Check out today's Morning Dish from FOX30 Action News.


Too Handsome?!?!

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Well... according to Saudi Arabian officials, actor/model Omar Borkan Al Gala is too handsome to be in their country!  Sources say he's actually been DEPORTED because authorities there were concerned that women would "lose their minds" over him!

Can you believe this?  I mean... he's attractive and all but he DEFINITELY lost me at the guy-liner.

Which [US based] actor do you think could be deported for being too handsome? Tweet me your thoughts at @SharonWilbur 

To read more on Omar, click HERE.



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File this under celebs you'd NEVER think would have a mugshot!

She's one of America's sweethearts!  A mother of two... Nashville native.... and now, actress Reese Witherspoon is in trouble with the law!  What happened when Reese tried to pull her "Celebrity" card on the cop?  Watch the video below to find out.


It's about time!

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The marital bliss only lasted 72 days... But Kim K's divorce has seemingly been dragged out foreverrrrrrrr! Well Friday, in a Los Angeles court, the drama ended. Yes, Kanye's baby momma is officially divorced. Not only that but Kim actually saved Kris a chunk of money! Apparently since Kris was a no-show in court, the judge was gonna slap him with a fine... Until Kim asked him not to. How sweet of her. 

Now Kim and Kanye's ever growing egos can live in harmonious peace together.


OOTD: Summer Casual

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Outfit of the day: high waisted shorts, crop top, & my FAV platform booties


Pop of pink

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Tried a pop of pink on the lips today from my friend's brand new lipgloss line! I'll definitely be featuring it once its released so more to come! :)


As If We Needed More Reasons To Love Bradley Cooper

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He's been nominated for Golden Globe Awards, is fluent in French, the star of one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE movies [Silver Linings Playbook].... AND he has a heart of gold. Yep, Zoe Saldana was crazy to let Bradley Cooper get away.

But anyway... onto the point of this blog, Mr. Cooper is currently in Boston filming his next flick, and he decided to take a few hours off to visit victims of the marathon bombing in the hospital. 
Here he can be seen visiting with Jeffrey Bauman Jr. - a survivor who lost both of his legs in the explosion. 
Bradley also attended the interfaith service held at Cathedral of the Holy Cross yesterday.


Ryan Lochte Dazzles Us w/ His Intelligence Yet Again

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I can't even handle how hilariously painful this interview with Ryan Lochte is!  For the record, FOX29 anchors Mike Jerrick and Sheinelle Jones are my HEROES! I love how they pull the comedy out of this situation.  I think I would have started laughing 15 seconds in...