Hola Costa Rica!

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Happy FRIDAY!  Or should I say FRI-YAY! :)  Today I head to the beautiful country of Costa Rica for the first time!

 I'll be joining my father in law Paul Wilbur for a concert in the capital city of San Jose.
Just looking at these pictures gets me excited!

As you may or may not know, music has always been - and remains to be - a huge part of my life.  2 years ago I released my first Spanish EP, and the fact that I'm able to now bring this Spanish music to a Spanish speaking country is not only an honor, but is so exciting for me.

I will definitely be taking tons of pictures and video so I'll have some sort of recap coming your way after my trip - but until then, my blog may be just a tad quiet.  :)  Love y'all and have a great weekend!  Follow me on Instagram: @ShaeWilbur & Twitter: @SharonWilbur to keep up w/ me while I'm on the road!