The PERFECT Spring Makeup Look

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YESSSS Spring is OFFICIALLY here which means BREAK OUT THE BOLD LIP COLORS!!!! :)  (That is... if you haven't been wearing them all year round like I have!)  Anyway, I wanted to share with you all my go-to Spring Makeup Look.  It's super versatile and can be changed up just by going with a different color on the lip!  Hope ya like this tutorial and, as usual, scroll down to shop the post! :) xo
















The Ultimate Girl Boss

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I know I'm a day or so late but I couldn't let this time pass without a pause to mention my favorite time of year - PURIM

During this holiday we remember the story of Queen Esther, who is quite possibly the most remarkable human to ever walk this earth. 
She was a queen who knew the power of when to speak and when to remain silent - and because of it she saved an entire nation: The Jewish people.  If it weren't for her courage I wouldn't be here... My people would have been wiped off the earth thousands of years ago. 
Esther is the ultimate #girlboss and her story serves as a reminder that God has placed me - and everyone else - on earth "for such a time as this," for THIS specific time in history. We all have a purpose to fulfill if we have the courage to pursue it.  

Now, I will take this opportunity to have hamantaschen for breakfast - the traditional "Purim cookie." :)


Top 3 Fav Highlighters

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It's ALL ABOUT DAT GLOWWWWWWW.  At least for me it is! :) There isn't much I love more (in the makeup world) than a super gorgeous, glowy highlighter.  Today I'm revealing my TOP 3 highlighters which also happen to be the 3 I use on a daily basis.  I'm also kinda combining this with a tutorial as I show you exactly how I apply each of the highlights to my face.

Hope ya like it!  [Scroll down to shop the post]



Get To Know Me

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Hey friends! So last time I took suggestions as far as what type of videos you wanted to see - I got a lot of requests for a "get to know me" type vlog... so HERE IT IS! Complete with real life confessions, old embarrassing photos, and even a lil look at my wedding video from 10 YEARS AGO! :) Hope ya like it & don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel!


Workout Essentials

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Okay so if you've been following me for a little while you know two things.  

#1. I've been making my best effort to workout regularly.  
#2. I hate working out.  HATE.

I'm just not one of those people who gets really into it, or looks forward to my work outs.  I have, however, decided that regardless of if I WANT to... I NEED to workout.  :)

Which brings me to this post.  Today I'm sharing a few of my workout essentials. 

First item on my list - CUTE WORKOUT CLOTHES!
  I discovered this brand @puppiesmakemehappy on Instagram and fell in LOVE with their entire line.   It's workout gear - covered in PUPPIES!!! I mean, is there anything better than that?!?
If only I could find a way to get Sasha's face on there, it'd be perfect!  :)

And GUESS WHAT?!?!  @PuppiesMakeMeHappy is giving my followers 20% off of their ENTIRE SITE!  Use code SHAE20 when you're checking out. 

 Really though... I find having cute workout clothes is half the battle of motivating myself to go workout.  Superficial as it sounds... it's true.   Listen, I'm gonna be sweating, making weird faces while I'm lifting weights, feeling very UN CUTE while at the gym, at least I'd like to feel confident in my outfit ya know?

Number 2 MUST HAVE - a workout buddy! 
I seriously would not workout HALF as much as I do if it weren't for this girly right here - Giselle Ugarte.  (She's also a super talented YouTuber - click here to watch some of her makeup videos!) I basically just do what she tells me the second we step in to the gym.  Giselle makes working out fun for me... also having a workout buddy brings some accountability into the situation which really makes a difference!

Next up on my "workout must haves" list these goodies below...

Since I am fairly new to working out on a regular basis, I couldn't rationalize spending hundreds on gym shoes.  These Adidas sneakers I found at ROSS, literally for like $30 bucks!  #score

I quickly realized after a few trips to LA fitness that a Yoga Mat is a MUST HAVE.  I like to do workouts on my own with free weights and there's nothing that grosses me out more than grabbing a mat at the gym only to realize it's damp and sweaty from the person who used it before you.  Literally... I'm gagging just thinking about it!  This colorful mat was another ROSS find, under $10! :)

A water bottle is a given, but I love this one by Naigene because it's HUGE!  It holds 48 ounces of water which lasts me my entire workout. 

Lastly, and most importantly - I need WORKOUT MUSIC!

The NEXT RADIO APP is literally the MOST CONVENIENT way to listen to music without draining your battery OR data plan.   

It connects directly to local FM radio stations so you can listen while you work out without using all the data that Pandora or Spotify uses. #GENIUS!  Visit their website for more info! :)

Que me dancing on the elliptical.