Kanye's EPIC RANT Against Jimmy Kimmel

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Kanye isn't known as the most even tempered hip hop star out there....  ESPECIALLY lately.  I guess I can't fault him much for being easily aggravated by the constant hounding of the paparazzi - but his latest rant is aimed at someone else entirely.

Jimmy Kimmel. Yes, my favorite late night personality has come under fire by Mr. West and the whole thing is actually a bit hilarious.

So here's what happened.  Kanye West sat down with BBC for an exclusive interview - an interview during which his arrogance flew off the charts. Here's a lil quote just to give you an idea of what I'm talking about:

'Rap is the new rock and roll. We the rock stars… We the rock stars, and I’m the biggest of all of them.' 

 How this guy can fit his massive ego through any door is beyond me!  Anyway... Kimmel had the brilliant idea to do a little reenactment of Kanye's interview... see below.

I honestly thought that was pretty harmless... But Kanye clearly did not. He went on a MASSIVE twitter rant against Jimmy Kimmel shortly after that aired - and instead of taking to twitter to respond, Jimmy confronted him on tv.


I just don't understand where his head is at. He KNOWS he's being watched by the media, he KNOWS that goin' off on Jimmy Kimmel is going to be major news, he KNOWS this isn't going to paint him in the best light - so WHY DO IT?!?!? Kim - REIN IN YO MAN!


Dr. Drew Pulls an Angelina

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I, like many, was surprised to hear that Dr. Drew has been battling cancer for over 2 years.  What dramatic procedure has left him cancer free?  -Plus the latest on Amanda Bynes and why she was a NO SHOW in court on Tuesday, in today's Morning Dish.

To read Dr. Drew's complete article on the HLN website CLICK HERE. 


The Voice 5 Premiere

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My reality show addiction continues to grow as I got sucked into The Voice's season premiere last night.  Usually I try and stick to my "FOX roots", and shows like The X Factor and Idol... but I just couldn't resist!!!

ESPECIALLY after hearing 17 year old Caroline Pennell.  This is my FAVORITE kind of voice!  Quirky, emotional, and straight up GOOD!  There are a lot of "quirky" voices out there that lack the control but Caroline not only controls her voice, but sings with maturity - which is a fascinating contrast to her young spirit. Watch her audition below and you'll see exactly what I mean.

Caroline may have been my favorite audition of the night, but there were a couple other standouts to me.

Matthew Schuler really surprised me with his vocals. He's got an unassuming way about him, and stylistically I can't really place him anywhere beacause he's so unique! He's a little reminiscent of John Legend or Burnell Taylor [American Idol S12], but he's not straight up soul or R&B... he almost has an Adam Levine thing goin' on. I definitely feel like there's a place for him in the industry and I can't wait to see what he does in the competition. Matthew definitely has a TON of potential.

So Caroline and Matthew were the most memorable last night, but I want to know what you think of James Wolpert.   He was one that I really WANTED to like... but couldn't quite get there.  I love his style and how he's just a tad on the geeky side - but if I was going on simply the sound of his voice - I don't think I would have turned my chair around for him.  Am I alone here?  Watch his audition and then take the poll below.

Would you have turned your chair for James Wolpert?
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2013 Emmy Rewind

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The 2013 Emmy Awards were full of hilarious moments, bizarre speeches and couture fashion! In today's Morning Dish I recap them all!

NOW... it's time to dive into the details. FIRST OF ALL, did anyone else catch this?

I mean, how awkward was that photo bomb?!?!? I think if the guy just stood there it would have been less distracting. Definitely provided us with a little comical relief though!-Gotta love live TV.

Red Carpet Recap:

And now for more on the fashion!  If ya watched my Morning Dish above then you heard that Kerry Washington was my pick for BEST DRESSED...

...but there were some others who rocked the red carpet with just as much swag!

Julianne Hough, Sarah Hyland & Michelle Dockery @ 2013 EMMYS
 Julianne Hough stunned in a daring sheer Jenny Packham gown.  I think it's sexy without being too over the top.  It works on her because she's so petite.  If she had huge boobs and a big booty I definitely think it wouldn't work as well.

What I love most about Sarah Hyland's look is her use of color. The GORGEOUS jewel tone green is accented with a deep red lipcolor which adds a nice edge to the lacy look.


I was drawn to Michelle Dockery's dress simply because it's so unusual.  I LOVE the fact that the colors clash a bit.  This Prada gown is a perfect fall transition piece. 

Now for my WORST dressed picks.

Lena Dunham, Paula Abdul & Carrie Underwood
I mean... no surprise here, Lena Dunham tops the list.   Clearly she took a page from Kim Kardashian and Adele's upholstery book and went with an odd floral.  

Paula Abdul simply looks like she was wrapped in tin foil.  The fit is bad - it's baggy in awkward places, and I think it'd look much better with a little bit of a neckline.  

You may be surprised that Carrie Underwood made my "Worst Dressed" list, and actually I am too! Let me preface this by saying that I LOVE Carrie, I just think 1999 prom dress chic should be left in 1999.  This dress could [almost] have potential if it was paired with some different jewelry. I just can't handle the "Y" necklace. It honestly reminds me of something you would find at Claires! -or WOULD have found at Claires over 10 years ago.  She still looks pretty, because she's a gorgeous girl - but her wardrobe has definitely seen better days.

So - do you agree with my picks?  Disagree? Take the poll below and let me know who you think is Best & Worst dressed!

Who do you think was BEST dressed at the Emmys?
Kerry Washington
Julianne Hough
Michelle Dockery
Sarah Hyland
Someone else not listed
Who do you think was WORST dressed at the Emmys?
Lena Dunham
Carrie Underwood
Paula Abdul
Someone else not listed


For The 1st Time...

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For the first time in the history of The X Factor... or any other reality competition show that I can remember... A contestant is allowed enough time to sing an ENTIRE song.  Shae give you another look at the audition that moved the judges, the audience, and America.


Liam's New Lady

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As if unfollowing Liam on twitter wasn't proof enough...

...I think we can rest assured that Miley's engagement to actor Liam Hemsworth is officially OFF.  Not only that but Mr. Hemsworth has already rebounded with a super hott chick!

That gorgeous lady in red is Mexican actress and singer Eiza Gonzalez.  She and Liam attended the Mayweather/Canelo fight in Vegas last weekend - after which they returned to LA and were spotted getting even more cozy!

Yes, this was a pretty quick rebound - but given all the Miley drama lately, I gotta say I'm happy to see he's moved on.  I  mean, I'm actually shocked that Liam + Miley lasted as long as they did given the MAJOR changes she's gone through over the past year. 

Although WE may not have heard of Eiza much [until now] - she seems to be a MEGA star in Latin America.  Her latest music video has over 14 MILLION VIEWSCheck it out below:


Miley's Engagement OFF?!?!

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Maybe it was the twerking, or perhaps the excessive hammer licking in her latest video - but for whatever reason, there are many signs pointing to her engagement being called off.  Check out today's Morning Dish for the details.

In other Miley news, if you're one of the 106 MILLION PEOPLE who have viewed her Wrecking Ball video - then you might appreciate this next clip. I don't know why I find it so funny, but it seems the more times I replay it, the harder I laugh: 


Your Daily Obsession: Light Up Your Eyes!

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I have fallen in love.  Deeply, deeply in love with an eyeshadow.  I had to share it with you!

To purchase my latest obsession, click the link below! You will not be disappointed! :) 



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I think this is God's way of saying STOP TWERKING! ...Which is good because no matter how many tutorials I watch, I still can't move my booty like that!

P.S. I hope this girl is okay!!! eek!


Bieber & the BONG WATER!?!?

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Yep.  It seems that Justin Bieber may have found himself in the middle of yet another PR disaster.  Evaluate the evidence in my Morning Dish and then let me know what you think in the poll below it.
Was that Bieber dumping out the bong water?
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Your Daily Obsession: BODY WRAPS

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 In my latest installment of Your Daily Obsession I take you along with me as I try out one of the hottest trends right now:  Body Wraps!

For more information on Total Body Aesthetics CLICK HERE or call 904.997.8800.


Lamar Odom FINALLY enters rehab

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After what can only be described as a downward spiral - Lamar Odom has FINALLY checked himself into rehab.  I've got the details plus who is the Highest Paid TV Actress? -In today's Morning Dish.


Randy Jackson just couldn't stay away....

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Why am I not surprised?  After announcing that he was leaving American Idol - Randy Jackson has decided he's coming back!  Check out my Morning Dish to find out why - PLUS is Simon Cowell having a BOY or GIRL?


The BEST Makeup Tutorial Ever

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This girl is genius. SO funny.

The Honest Makeup Tutorial


50 Shades of BLEHHHH

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Ok... so maybe you think the title of this post is a bit extreme - but honestly... I would be perfectly happy to see all of this 50 Shades of Grey stuff fade into oblivion.

That being said, the casting of the movie adaptation has been one of the most anticipated announcements of the year.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming flick?  Will you see 50 Shades of Grey in theaters?

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Idol Judges, a Kardashian Ultimatum & ROYAL NEWS!

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WOW! So much to talk about in today's Morning Dish!

My thoughts on the new Idol judging panel, the latest drama between Khloe Kardashian and hubby Lamar Odum PLUS major news for PIPPA MIDDLETON!

...and here's a shot of Pippa & her man... they definitely make an adorable couple! MAZEL!


If you can't stomach Miley...

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But deep down actually enjoy her music [like me] - then here is a solution for ya:

You've seen me post about her before but I can't get enough of Charity Vance's cover of Miley's next single "Wrecking Ball."  The second I heard Miley's version I admit... I LOVED the song... but I just couldn't get the image of that disgusting foam finger out of my head!!!  -As it turns out, I like Charity's version even better.

If you haven't checked out the original - here ya go: