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So the CBS BUZZ Tour bus rolled into town yesterday to promote the hilarious fall line up of shows on CBS.

Alex Boylan & Shae
I got to hang out with Alex Boylan [Winner of the Amazing Race Season 2], and the CBS crew all morning long - and we had such a blast.... See below :)

I could get used to this!
Shae putting Jacksonville - their first stop - on the map!
Gettin' cozy w/ Robin Williams
Alex & Shae in between Live Shots
Keepin the energy UP at 5am
We started DARK & EARLY!
Shae w/ Alex & the Bosses

My beautiful friend Amy West stopped by
Oh hey Anna Faris!



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For months now Bieber and his roomates have been accused of speeding through their residential neighborhood. Well one neighbor finally got fed up with it and caught them on camera. Now granted she didn't catch Biebs - but she did snag this footage of "Lil-Za" and "Lil-Twist" being a "Lil-disrespectful."

Should Bieber be kicked out of his neighborhood? I know a lot of his neighbors think so! Take the poll below and lemme know what you think.
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So Kim & Kanye have named their baby! North West. Yep. This is for real. What's her nickname gonna be? Check out my Morning Dish below for the delicious details.


This kinda blew my mind...

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The creativity/random talent of YouTubers never ceases to amaze me. I'm not sure how in the heck Ben Lapps realized he could play guitar and basketball at the same time but I'm so glad he did. This is cray.


Photo shoot w/ my hubby!

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Recently I had the pleasure of shooting with an incredibly talented and super SEXYYYYYY photographer who also happens to be my hubby: Joel David.

Having him behind the lens was so much fun!  We spent the day roaming the historic streets of Saint Augustine and I feel like there's still so much more to see.

Here a few of my favorite shots from the day. 


A Real Housewife Wedding

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So if you're a Real Housewives JUNKIE like myself then you've probably heard that Tamra Barney FINALLLLLLY tied the knot with boyfriend Eddie Judge.   The drama leading up to the wedding is currently playing out on Real Housewives of OC - but hey... why not skip ahead and check out some of the pics from the big day?!?!

First of all - I'm shocked at how much I LOVE her dress!!!
Apparently this gown is one of THREE she wore on the big day, all designed by Mark Zunino. My only critique would be the fact that it's not white - I'm a traditionalist in that way - but I guess it is her 3rd wedding... pink may be more appropriate.
Seriously though - how gorgeous does it look even from the side?!?  I love how the tulle is so full and flowy without being puffy.

It's hard to make out her entire bridal party in this next pic but I spot two, possibly 3, of her RHOC cast mates.

Her dress color wasn't the only non-traditional choice for the day.  Some people chose to say their vows under an arbor of flowers, or some pretty drapery, or a Chuppah [if you just said "HUH?!?" ask your Jewish friend] - but no - Tamra chose a bicycle. Yes...a bicycle.

At least it was painted white - making it a bit more formal... as formal as a bike hanging upside down can be. I guess this was their "personal touch," as Eddie is an avid cyclist.

Anyway - mazel to the newlyweds!  



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There are many reasons to watch the Miss USA Pageant...  Gorgeous gowns, pretty hair, motivation to get bikini ready for summer...  I however, watch it in hopes of viral video goldmines like the one below.

Yes Miss Utah's answer is being dubbed the worst pageant flub since Miss South Carolina [see video below in case ya missed that one]!

Do you agree?
Which Beauty Pageant FLUB was worse? free polls 


Mumford & Sons Bass Player HOSPITALIZED

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You were probably just as shocked as I was when you saw the headlines last night: Mumford and Sons bass player hospitalized with a blood clot on his BRAIN! -Definitely a serious situation for him... I've got details on how this will affect their current tour all in today's Morning Dish.


Shopping w/ Shae: Private Gallery

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Hey friends! 

So as many of you have probably noticed through my Instagram and Facebook postings - I wear a TON of Private Gallery clothing.  They're a great boutique currently located at the St. Johns Town Center here in Jacksonville, but moving to a brand new BEACH location soon.

Every Monday I swing by and visit the lovely "PG" ladies who help style me for the week's TV appearances.

Today I thought I'd bring you along for my shopping routine - enjoy!

For more information on Private Gallery, check out their ONLINE STORE.