5 TIPS to Make Foundation Last ALL DAY!

11:28 PM Unknown 2 Comments

 It's a problem we all struggle with ladies... our foundation rubbing off, or fading off, or clumping up, or getting splotchy... and it's SO ANNOYING!  Well I have a few quick little tricks that will ensure your makeup lasts longer and looks better. 

These tips are tried and true for me - I was going through a phase where my face would get SO SHINY for no reason (my skin isn't typically oily) so I really had to learn what I could do to keep my makeup & foundation looking fresh.  Hope you enjoy this and please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

Cetaphil Lotion
Pores No More Primer

Frankie Rose Foundation

Ben Nye Setting Powder

Nars Setting Powder

Laura Mercier Compact