Is Rihanna the next Amanda Bynes?!

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I know it may seem like a stretch for some... but judging by Rihanna's actions lately - she's well on her way to being the next HHM [Hollywood Hot Mess].  Okay so truth be told she doesn't seem to be QUITE as cray as Amanda Bynes [seen below walking into court today]....

BUT Riri has definitely left her fans with much to complain about.

Lately she's made a habit of showing up late to her own gigs!!! - And we're not talking like 5 or 10 minutes late - we're talking HOURSSSS late!  This happened in Boston a few months ago, and then shortly after that in Wales, and again in Birmingham, Alabama!  To make things worse for Riri... it's not like she can cry "SICK!" because on a couple of those occasions she was spotted out partying till the wee hours of morning.

Case and point:

Yep... that's Riri... stumbling out of the Kings of Leon concert in Poland on July 5th. So what do you think...
Is Rihanna the next Amanda Bynes?
Yep...She's well on her way...
Nah... She's not as cray cray

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