I've gone NATIONAL!

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If you're a fan of FOX's hit show Bones, then you may have already seen this... but Friday night I made an appearance in the show's open - nationally!  So fun!



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Ahhhh so so SO much to talk about today!  Last night, the biggest names in music came together for the American Music Awards.  From the red carpet arrivals, to show stopping performances from artists like Ariana Grande - the evening did not disappoint.


Watching the show... I really felt like the focus was on the music, more than ever. The majority of the performances actually impressed me! [For a complete list of the winners scroll to the bottom.]

20 year old Ariana Grande not only won the award for New Artist of the Year, she OWNED the night with this performance.  I just can't stop watching it:

So I showed you the best first, now let's talk the rest of the performers. Katy Perry sang her latest single, Unconditional, in a Geisha themed performance.  Visually it was absolutely stunning - especially towards the end - however vocally it was not her strongest.

Say what ya want about One Direction, but these boys have some serious talent. Pair that with really REALLY catchy songs and you've got no reason to wonder why they're such a phenomenon.

Now this next performance surprised me a bit.  Christina Aguleria teamed up with A Great Big World for their HUGE hit Say Something.  Honestly, I feel like this is the first time in history that Christina didn't over-sing... and I love it! This song is just incredible anyway. [To hear one of my favorite covers of it CLICK HERE]

What would an awards show be without a Miley moment? Granted it was no foam finger performance - THANKFULLY - but it was... odd.  Nothing says Wrecking Ball like a gigantic singing kitten right?

LOVED this JT performance - so fun to watch.  Staging, style, everything on point!

Gaga went theatrical with R. Kelly... I'm just waiting for her to branch out into Broadway or something.


[OOTD] Sophisticated Leopard

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My big dilemia this morning was whether to pair pumps or booties with this combo - obv I went for the booties since they're a bit more seasonally appropriate.  It may be 75 degrees in FL but it IS technically fall right? :) 

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This dress - which can easily be transitioned from day to night - is by Miss Me Couture and is only $69.00.

Shop ClassyCrossroads.com using promo code

Now the blazer - I'm OBSSSSSSSSESSED with.  It won me over with the shoulder pads, and I love that there isn't really a collar on it, so it doesn't add much bulk. It has a bit of a "boyfriend" cut as well, so it sits a little lower on the hips.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  [*Also comes in white & a neutral tan*]

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For accessories I went with one of my new fav necklaces from Forever21. The shorter statement strand and the longer chains are all connected.

Arm candy is Stella & Dot renegade cluster [in gold], stacked with my Breitling and a black leather cuff that was given to me as a gift.


X Factor Elimination & Catching Fire Recap

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It was a double elimination night on the X Factor - who's safe and who was sent home plus I give ya a lil preview of the most anticipated movie of the year: Catching Fire!

So, if you're going to see Catching Fire, be prepared to:
     1. Scream [once or twice]
     2. Cry tears of sadness remembering Rue
     3. Be in awe of the costumes
     4. Want to re-read the books
     5. Have a strange desire to wear butterfly eyelashes the next day to
         work... or maybe it's just me.

Okay, Hunger Games fans - I want to know your honest opinion on the movie. Better than the book? As good as the book? Disappointing?
Catching Fire [the movie] was...
See results


[OOTD] My Take on Tweed

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When I first laid eyes on this cute lil cupcake skirt, I immediately saw it's potential!
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For just $28.99, this Esley skirt from Classy Crossroads is a MUST HAVE! I have SOOOO many styling ideas for it, but today... since I was heading to work... I went for a little more dressed up look. 

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The exposed zipper is what first caught my attention but the FIT is absolutely perfect [I'm wearing a small].  I paired it with a Forever21 blouse that I purchased a couple years ago, and a simple pendant necklace, also from Forever 21.

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I thought a little pattern mixing would be fun so instead of going with a simple black tight, I went with a zig-zag pattern which also gives a bit of a slimming effect in person. The booties are BCBG.

Shop ClassyCrossroads.com using promo code



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The theme was British Invasion which meant our X Factor Top 10 had to chose songs written or performed by a BRIT! I LOOOOOVED this theme, simply because much of the music I enjoy is from the UK.  

As a whole, MANY of the contestants did a great job last night - but in my Morning Dish, I recap my top 3 favs:
To view the full performances from my "Top 3" scroll down. :)

Rion Paige [FULL PERFORMANCE]- Our Song


Alex & Sierra [FULL PERFORMANCE]- Best Song Ever


Josh Levi [FULL PERFORMANCE]- Sweet Dreams


Tom Brady & Gisele's WEDDING SHOOTOUT? + Real Housewives Heading to Court

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Gisele Bundchen, Costa Rica, 2009
If you haven't heard about Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen's wedding shootout, then you're not the only one! The two tied the knot back in 2009 but SHOCKING details from their wedding day have now gone viral as two of their body guards have just been convicted of attempted murder.  

Watch the video below for the crazy details, plus why Real Housewives Teresa and Joe Guidice could face more jail time regarding NEW charges against them.


Bring on the DRAMA!

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Alright so you've seen me posting about it non stop for the past few weeks and now we are just TWO DAYS away from the SERIES PREMIERE of The Drama Queen!!!!

That preview pretty much says it all.  Marki Costello is not only "Hollywood Royalty" [granddaughter of comedian Lou Costello] - she's an unfiltered, uncensored, tell-it-how-it-is kinda girl... oh.. and she's MY manager! :)

The show will feature all aspects of MARKI COSTELLO - from her personal life, to her Hosting Bootcamps, to managing her clients.  Which brings me to the most asked question I've gotten recently:  "Will you be on the show?!?!"  Allow me to answer that for ya... YES! :)


If you've been wondering what in the heck I've been doing on all my California trips, watch the show and you'll see! [UPDATE: I'm not sure when my episode will air but keep tuning in & I'm sure you'll see me!] Set your DVRs, spread the word - I could not be more excited about this!

This show really gives you a look into what goes on in Hollywood BEHIND the scenes.... and trust me, there is NEVER a dull moment with Marki.  I mean... let's just say that Simon Cowell has NOTHING on her when it comes to being brutally honest. :)

YES she's a Drama Queen, and YES she can be totally CRAY at times, but she's a GENIUS when it comes to finding and developing talent.  I couldn't be happier to be a part of her agency!

So make sure you watch The Drama Queen Sunday nights, and LIVE TWEET w/ me during the show @SharonWilbur!  Here's another lil sneak peek:



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Fresh out of rehab Zac Efron has broken his jaw in a bizarre accident, I've got those details in today's Morning Dish plus how Kim Kardashian caused PANDEMONIUM on an LA freeway and why it wasn't really her fault.


Watch SHAE on the Series Premiere of The Drama Queen  THIS SUNDAY, 11pm|10c on E!


Your Daily Obsession: BLOW DRY PERFECTION

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I'm OBSESSED... completely obsessed with the latest trend in Hollywood Hair:  The Blow Dry Bar.

Blow Dry Bars have been popping up all over the country [INCLUDING Jacksonville] so naturally, when I heard that Cortello Salon in Jacksonville beach had launched the StyleMe Blow Dry Bar, I had to see what it was all about.

Check out the latest edition of Your Daily Obsession for all the details! *SPECIAL INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY BELOW VIDEO*

Alright so here's my gift to you! I'm giving away a Wash/Dry/Style at the StyleMe Blow Dry BarAll you have to do to enter is:


1. Follow @shaewilbur on Instagram

2. Instagram the picture below using hashtag #stylemeshae

[Must live in the Jacksonville area to win | Winner will be chosen on Friday]


Groupie films BIEBER IN BED!!!!

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Justin Bieber sleeping in hotel room in Brazil
I admit. When I first saw this video and headline circling around I figured it was just a random video of Justin sleeping... nothing all that incriminating. I was wrong. Not only do you see the Biebs snoozin' away, you see a girl with some severe "bed head" joyfully filming him.

Now, you could rationalize that maybe she just so happened to be partying in the same place ... and snuck into his personal bedroom the next morning to snag this video....?  I mean, if she really was in bed WITH him... you'd think she would shoot some selfie videos actually next to him! Right?!?!

Maybe I'm giving Justin the benefit of the doubt too much. What do you think?  Is this video incriminating?  Did we catch Bieber post sleepover? Or is this just a super sneaky fan girl?
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Outfit of the Day: Mixed Metals

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Okay, so I'm a huge fan of mixing metals in any way, shape or form. :) Today I've got it all, rose gold, gold, silver & bronze!

I paired this bronze sequin Miss Me Couture top from Classy Crossroads with a basic white collar shirt from H&M.  I love that the undershirt is chiffon so it doesn't add much bulk to the layering. I paired it with black dress pants from A'Gaci that I've worn NON STOP since purchasing a few weeks ago. The silver cap toe pumps are from Aldo.

For my accessories, I paired this Queen Bee Necklace from Miss Magnolia with my Breitling Navitimer, Stella & Dot Renegade bracelet [via my S&D stylist Talya Shooster], and my new fav stackable tassle bracelet from Ellies Sparkles.



Charlie Sheen's Custody WAR & Cher Lloyd's XFactor advice!

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Charlie Sheen has found himself in the middle of a custody war with ex wife Brooke Mueller and now Denise Richards, who has been caring for Charlie's twins, is making a move to protect her own children.  I've got the details in today's Morning Dish PLUS some X Factor words of wisdom from alum Cher Lloyd!


Tori Tuesday

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If you've been following me for a while... then you know I've been following Miss Tori Kelly for yearssssss.  -And by years I mean since 2009 when she would sit in her room recording youtube videos [like this one] that I'd play OVER and OVER again. 
Since then she's been on Idol, Ellen, Good Morning America, and a bunch of other shows and... TRUST ME...she's just days away from becoming a household name - if she's not already! :)

The fact that she's signed with Scooter Braun [Justin Bieber's manager] doesn't hurt either.  This extremely talented chick has gone from recording videos in her bedroom to hanging in the studio with Pharrell and playing to a sold out crowd in Madison Square Garden with Ed Sheeran!  #LEGIT

AAAAAAAANYWAY, all this leads me to today.  The debut of her OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO for Dear No One.


 Watch.  Download her music.  & become Tori obsessed like me. :)


Michelle Pfeiffer in a CULT, a Barrymore BABY & The X Factor SUPERVOTE

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Who knew that Michelle Pfeiffer was in a CULT?!? -And not just any cult... a REALLY BIZARRE one! I've got the crazy details plus the MUST HAVE app you need in order to cast your SUPERVOTE on The X Factor this week!  #TEAMRIONPAIGE