Drugstore Makeup Routine

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So this has probably been one of the MOST REQUESTED looks I've received lately - a *DRUG STORE* makeup routine.  I really enjoyed this tutorial because it gave me the opportunity to try some new products - some that I LOVED, and some that I wasn't a fan of. I hope you like it & let me know what YOUR fav drugstore products are in the comments below!  (SCROLL DOWN TO SHOP THE POST)



Half-Up Topknot Tutorial *SUPER EASY*

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Okay so this half-up topknot is not only one of my go-to hairstyles when I need to try and extend my unwashed hair an extra day... BUT it's SUPER EASY!  I'm telling you, it's a no brainer and the messier the better!  SO that being said I not only hope you enjoy the tutorial, but I hope to see you trying it out for yourself and tagging me in the photos on Instagram: @ShaeWilbur! 

Enjoy and be sure to check back here NEXT monday for another new video! :)


Get Ready With Me | #GRWM

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Hey friends! My very first Get Ready With Me video is here. I thought I'd take you through my normal routine as I get camera ready for my weekly appearance on EXTRA. Hope ya like this little peek into my daily life. :)



Valentines Makeup Tutorial + GIVEAWAY!!!!!

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Did someone say GIVEAWAY?!?!!?!  Yep!  But we'll get to that in a second.   -Just in time for Valentines Day I've got this pretty, soft, feminine makeup look that your Valentine is sure to love. [It's one of my hubby's favorite looks that I do!]  Hope ya like it!





#WhatShaeWore 2.3.16

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If I'm being completely honest... the hardest part about working in TV is figuring out what to wear each shoot.  Should I be dressy? Casual? Edgy? Feminine?  -For someone like me who enjoys changing up my looks this can get overwhelming - not to mention EXPENSIVE!!!!! I mean... I can not afford to be buying a $200 dress every time I make an appearance! #nothappening

THANKFULLYYYYYYYYY I have some incredibly talented friends around me who help ensure that I'm TV ready each week.  I was so happy with how this week's EXTRA look turned out that I thought I'd break down all the deets in a lil blggity blog. :) 

Let's start with this RIDICULOUS MAKEUP JOB a la @LyndsayZMakeup:

Unfortunaltely I can't even begin to go into a full product breakdown because it would take FOREVERRRRRR.  The key to getting the perfect glow is layering the right products and that's exactly what she did.   Look at the sparkle on these eyes!!!

I love how the makeup colors she chose really went perfectly with the dress.  The pattern itself is pretty girly so we wanted to do a little but of an edgy/smokey eye as a contrast.  The sparkle was an added bonus and looked GORGE underneath the lights on set.   

Now THIS DRESS.  OMG I'm so in love with it.  It's by an Australian brand called Cooper Street and my stylist Shelby from www.NightCapPR.com pulled it for me.  When a stylist "pulls" a look that typically means that the client [being me] would wear the item on TV, or for whatever shoot It's needed for, and then it'd be returned.  It works really well because the on camera talent isn't having to purchase all these new pieces every week, and the brand itself is getting great exposure by being worn on national television.  #WinWin

Onto the shoes!  These strappy beauties are by Charles David [you can purchase them by clicking here].  Shelby thought these would be the perfect way to complete the feminine yet edgy look.   I love how pairing a soft floral with a black shoe is so unexpected.  Typically I would have gone with a nude but somehow these babies just pulled everything together.   The purse is one that I featured a couple weeks ago on EXTRA's Shop the Scoop segment and it's by Tess Handbags.  I've literally worn it every day since I featured it - genuine leather - gray - gorgeousness!

Thanks again to my girls Lyndsay & Shelby for putting this look together.  Love you two!!!!


Posture of the Heart

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 2016 has been an extraordinary year for me thus far.  Not because I had some major life altering change, not because I landed a huge job, not because I suddenly won the "destiny" lottery, but because I have chosen to be intentional... in the small things.  

I'm a big picture thinker.  Which means I also easily get overwhelmed by my dreams and desires.   I tend to focus on the larger scale vision, which then stresses me out because I miss all the little steps in between right now, and 2 years from now.  Does that make sense?  I find myself getting super overwhelmed with the sense of "How do I get there?"  "How do I leave THAT kind of impact?"  "I know You've called me to great things, but how do I DO those great things?"  I so easily get stuck in my own head thinking that my destiny will only come about because of how hard I work, or what I do/don't do.  But... it's not about me.  And lately God has been constantly needing to remind me of that.  It's about today.  It's about RIGHT NOW.   

"You cannot arrive at your life's purpose by starting with a focus on yourself.  You must begin with God, your Creator."  -Rick Warren

Posture of the Heart

(Thanks to my friend Brenna Carnuccio for this timely phrase!)


What is the posture of my heart?  This is the question I have been presenting to myself every morning.  This simple step has drastically changed not only my outlook on situations I face (good and bad), but it has had a major impact on my attitude.   

To be honest, life in LA is hard.  Yes it's glamorous at times, it's fun, and exciting and unpredictably wonderful, but it's also comes with so much pressure - pressure to stand out, to be skinny, to be perfect, to be rich, etc.  Those things I just mentioned are not necessarily what I strive for, but simply the reality of what often gets focused on in this industry.  It's the reality of this culture.  While there are some amazing highs... there are even lower lows.  It is SO EASY to be distracted from God and His plan for my life -  especially when sometimes I'm like "What the heck is YOUR plan God?!?!?!?!?!" 

But it's all about perspective. 

This morning I read an amazing quote by Anais Nin... We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.  Even IF I have all of these BIG PICTURE dreams and desires, the reality is I can't actually SEE the big picture, because I'm not God.  So it's really a waste of my time to plot out my life according to what I think "the ultimate" accomplishment would be. Ya know?  What I can work with is today, is right now.  God what is your plan for me TODAY?  

So I have decided this year to be intentional - ESPECIALLY when it comes to my time.  It's amazing how - as I take these small steps - I've noticed that they have major impact in my life.  Again, what is the posture of my heart?  My prayer for myself every day is simply "God use me to show your love to someone today & give me the wisdom to know TODAY how I should spend my time."

And ya know what?  The great thing is that God wants us to have maximum impact here on Earth!  He WANTS us to have a "big picture" effect on the world, so all the little seemingly small steps we take out of obedience to Him, actually perfectly aligns us with not only His purpose for our life but His plan to make the most out of OUR lives and who we are destined to be.

I am not here by accident.  You are not here by accident.  We are all here because God has a specific plan for every single one of us. 

So all this to say,  if you tend to get overwhelmed by life, by your dreams, by where you are vs. where you want to be - I FEEL YA!  Take a step back with me... I'm telling you - it works!   Take the time each morning or evening or whenever to position your heart before God.  Be intentional. Take time to steward the most important parts of your being - your soul and your time.  
I want to end with a verse that has really been an encouragement to me lately.  

You Lord give perfect peace to those who keep their purpose firm and their trust in You. 

Isaiah 26:3.



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Hey friends!  I'm so excited to share this video with you!  I get asked ALLLLLLL the time about my foundation - which foundation I use... which is my favorite... which is best for oily skin... which is best for full coverage, etc.  SO, I thought I'd answer all those questions and MORE with today's vlog!

Time to break down my Top 5 Best/Favorite Foundations.  Enjoy!  [Links to each product are below]


Frankie Rose Foundation: CLICK HERE