Top Lipstick Trends of 2014

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Hey friends!!!  I'm so excited to have my love Sazan Barzani join me for the latest installment of Your Daily Obsession.   Today we're featuring the top lipstick trends of the year - and there's definitely something for everyone! Enjoy!

Hope ya enjoyed it!  We will have more videos coming your way soon so be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel  and Sazan's.



OOTD: Flowery bodycon

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Another week, another fab sale on #EXTRAhotdeals! Take a look: 

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Such great items this week....  I have worn my Aquaswiss shades non stop! And remember - you have until MONDAY to shop these deals on the Stylemined site!  

So let's talk wardrobe. The last few weeks I've opted for simple solids so I thought I'd switch things up this week and go with this floral bodycon. I've been saving it for a special occasion. :) 

The dress is from Meow & Barks boutique in Florida - it's one if my secret hot spots! 

The shoes are BCBGeneration - I got then a couple years ago - and they're hands down the most comfortable wedge on planet Earth. [See Shop This Post links at the bottom to check out these wedges - on sale NOW for just $50!!!]

This dress pretty much stands on it's own so I went semi minimal on the jewelry. The earrings are by Shop Miss Magnolia and add just enough color!

I went with a classic pink for my lips - Pink Nouveau by Mac to be exact - and opted for my usual Official Haute Collection lashes! 


So I happened to have a friend in the audience this week - which means I was able to snag some fun behind the scenes pics!

Here's a little snapshot of some of the pre-show chaos...

Maria and I weren't the only ones obsessing over the Aquaswiss shades - all the guys on the crew wanted to snag a pair! 

Aaaaaaaand lastly, one of the perks of shooting at Universal Studios Citywalk is that we can visit the theme park when we're all done taping! Such fun!


Alex & Sierra [VIDEO PREMIERE]

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These two won our hearts on The X Factor with their flawless voices and endearing chemistry.... And I could not be more excited to announce that they've just released their first video!

Since X Factor, these two have been super busy traveling back and forth between Florida, New York and Los Angeles writing songs for their debut album. This single is just the beginning.

It's as adorable as they are, super catchy, and is sure to get stuck in your head. Enjoy! 


Bold Lips & Boyfriend Jeans

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So I'm pretty sure that boyfriend jeans are my new obsession. They've got a relaxed fit, they're super comfy, and look cute dressed up or down.  Today obviously I went for a dressier look... let's check out the details! :) *Scroll down to shop the post*

I'm a sucker for a flowy, lightweight shirt like this - ESPECIALLY when the summer months hit.  This top by BEBE is great because it is nice and lose fitting, but yet it still shows some shape.  No one likes to feel like they're wearing a moo-moo right?  Also - I love the gold detailing on it which you'll see up close below. 

The jeans are by Ditto and I've worn them non stop since the day I got 'em.  LOVE the fit, the length - everything!

I usually opt for a nice cross body/over the shoulder bag when I've got a busy day - I can't be bothered carrying something in my hands, like a clutch... this nude Badgley Mischka is perfecto! 

It's always fun to wear a bold lip just for the heck of it! I mixed a couple colors to get this look - Mac's Amplified along with Wet N' Wild's Purty Persimmon.  

And you know me, I love throwing some spikes in whenever I can - this necklace is from Shop Prima Donna

Lastly, these shoes.  OHHHH these shoes.  Truth be told they're a size too big, but I love them so much I overlook it.  Ahhhh the things we do for style! :) My gorgeous friend Sazan actually gifted them to me - HOW SWEET RIGHT?!?! I can't wait to wear them once I have a nice summer tan goin! 



OOTD: Summery Sequins

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Summer may not officially be here yet, but in LA it's definitely feeling summery! -Perfect time to offer you guys some of my Summer Essentials at a crazy discount right? I'm pretty much obsessed with everything I'm featuring in this week's #ExtraHotDeals - be sure to check it out in case ya missed it on Tuesday!

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So, as I mentioned, it's freaking HOTTTT here. On the day we shot this week's #ExtraHotDeals it was almost 100 degrees outside. This extreme heat causes me to re-evaluate everything I think I want to wear on air.... Can you say SWEAT STAINS?!? Umm yeah so I have to be extremely cautious that what I wear won't show the fact that I'm literally melting in the heat. This dress by MM Couture is PERFECT for that! 

The top coral section has a sheer over layer which hides whatever may be going on underneath. LOL I'm gettin' real with ya today! #SweatConcealed

I always like to pair it with nude pumps just because I feel like the dress makes such a statement on it's own, I don't want my shoes to take away from it.

I chose a gold and turquoise mint green spikey necklace to add just a little edge to the otherwise super feminine look.  

I had some fun with my hair this week thanks to this gorgeous headband by Jolie.  It's one of our Stylemined #ExtraHotDeals this week - they start at just $12 so HURRRY UP and pick one up before the sell out! :)

And now for the makeup... I went with peachy tones to accent the dress and of course, lashes lashes lashessssss from Haute Collection



OOTD: Memorial Day Mix Up

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Yes I know Memorial Day is around the corner and you're supposed to break out all those white pieces you've been saving all year... But if you're like me, you're rarely brave enough to wear white - especially to any sort of cook out type gathering - because you will for SURE spill some sort of ketchup or mustard on you within the first 5 minutes.

SO that being said, I have found the perfect Memorial Day dress... That's not white. LOL 

It's 100% cotton so it's super comfy and light... And who doesn't love a distracting stripe!?!? -I mean it's practically perfect! This dress is def good for those of us who are a lil curvy, but even for those of you who aren't, this dress adds the illusion of curves so don't be afraid to try something like this! I purchased it a while back at Urban Outfitters, it's not available anymore, but you can shop similar by scrolling down to the end of this post. :) 

These BCBG Aviators were too cute to not pair with this... And instead of going with a traditional red lip (which would reallllly complete the red, white & blue theme), I chose neon orange... because... why not!?!? :)  I'm wearing Wet N Wild's Purty Persimmon. 

Simple gray faux leather studded purse to top it off...

And simple jewels - because I hate wearing clunky jewelry on a hot day.  

Have an amazing, SAFE Memorial Day weekend friends!

Shop The Post:


OOTD: Stripes & Secret Shorts

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Hello and happy #EXTRAhotdeals day! :) I about flipped out when I finalized this week's sale! Any time I can offer you guys real DIAMONDS at a crazy discount I get excited.  -Add the eyebrow kit on top of that and you've got sheer perfection! Enjoy! ***AND REMEMBER YOU ONLY HAVE 1 WEEK TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THESE EXTRA HOT DEALS!***

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To shop these amaaaaazing deals, visit WWW.STYLEMINED.COM

Now let's talk clothes. 

For this week I chose a fun black & white combo from Forever21. It was kinda chilly outside so I wanted to have my arms covered, and this was a perfect option. 

I know what you're thinking..... The skirt is super short... BUT it's not a skirt! MWAHAHAHAAAA! It's actually a skirt/shorts combo. Underneath the outter dress layer is (attached) shorts. GENIUS! So no worrying about the wind blowing, or bending over, or anything! I'm totally covered. 

There are so many different ways to wear a piece like this, I chose to pair it with a blouse, but it'd be super cute just on it's own, or even with a t-shirt underneath. 

Since I am "on camera," I always like to add a pop of color. It translates better on television and doesn't look as bland.  So today I grabbed this super fun neon orchid and turquoise statement necklace from Charming Charlie.

I  matched my lipstick as best I could using MAC's Up the Amp lipstick layered with Pink Nouveau.  And lastly, and topped it off with Haute Collection lashes in style no.37.

I was actually feeling a bit under the weather this week, so in an effort to save what little voice I had, I wasn't able to chat much with the crowd. :(  Yeah, it was kinda sad especially since that's usually the highlight of shooting days!

I do wanna thank everyone who DID come out though - we had a GREAT crowd there.  Shout out to the gorgeous girlies of CBU New Song Choir who hung around for a while!  

Here are a few behind the scenes shots...
Jesse putting the finishing touches on my hair - he's the best!

Happy shopping friends!


Jay-Z VIOLENTLY attacked by Beyonce's Sister

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Yeah I saw this headline and didn't believe it until I saw the video for myself. Take a look at the footage below. You'll see Bey, her younger sister Solange, and Jay-Z all get into an elevator along with a bodyguard.  There's no audio, but something intense is goin down.

Now, this all happened on the night of the MET gala - remember how cute B & J were on the red carpet? 

Ya gotta wonder what happened to make Solange go off like that! Was it just a case of too much alcohol and a lil misunderstanding? Jay-Z seemed to keep his cool throughout the fight, as well as Beyonce... I'm actually surprised at how she seemed to stay out of it.  I know if someone was goin' after my hubby like that I'd have a hard time keeping calm.

This picture was taken right after the fight went down as they exited the elevator. Beyonce sure is good at putting on a pretty face like nothin happened!

Such a bizarre situation!!! What do you think the cause of the fight was?
Tweet me @ShaeWilbur and lemme know! 


OOTD: Glam Camo

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So I decided this week I won't make ya scroll alllllll the way to the bottom of the post to catch up on #EXTRAhotdeals.  :)  In case ya missed this week's segment, you can check it out below.  

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So let's talk outfit details. 

As you guys know... I'm a city girl through and through, so this dress is as close to camo as I get.   I guess calling this pattern camo is a bit of a stretch anyway, but hey let's go with it! :)  

I'm actually OBSESSED with this dress.  It's by Charlie Jade, and I love the black detailing on the side, the touch of neon in the pattern, and the fit.  It's absolutely perfect. 

For my feet I chose my classic black patent pumps by Chinese Laundry. 

I paired it with my fav neon statement necklace from Shop Prima Donna and a silver Zoe Blanc ID bracelet offered this week as an EXTRAhotdeal

And now for some fun behind the scenes pics!  If you ever happen to be out in the Los Angeles area, make sure you stop by Universal City Walk to catch #EXTRAhotdeals live!