Jay-Z VIOLENTLY attacked by Beyonce's Sister

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Yeah I saw this headline and didn't believe it until I saw the video for myself. Take a look at the footage below. You'll see Bey, her younger sister Solange, and Jay-Z all get into an elevator along with a bodyguard.  There's no audio, but something intense is goin down.

Now, this all happened on the night of the MET gala - remember how cute B & J were on the red carpet? 

Ya gotta wonder what happened to make Solange go off like that! Was it just a case of too much alcohol and a lil misunderstanding? Jay-Z seemed to keep his cool throughout the fight, as well as Beyonce... I'm actually surprised at how she seemed to stay out of it.  I know if someone was goin' after my hubby like that I'd have a hard time keeping calm.

This picture was taken right after the fight went down as they exited the elevator. Beyonce sure is good at putting on a pretty face like nothin happened!

Such a bizarre situation!!! What do you think the cause of the fight was?
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  1. INSANE. I'm glad Jay Z stayed calm through it all...this video is gaining so much attention (CNN, TIME, etc), I hope their reps start talking soon!