Photo Shoot Fun

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A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to shoot with an extremely talented friend of mine - Amy West.  You may have seen her on TV as host of the CW's Like Love Want Need, but she and her husband are also incredibly talented photographers. 

Here are a few of my favorite shots from our time together.  For more info on them, check out Journey Photography




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There's not much better than a really good yawn... and most people are aware of how contagious they can be.  In fact just typing that made me yawn!

One YouTuber named Roman Atwood decided to do a little experiment and take his yawning around the world to see just how contagious it can be.  Of course he video taped the whole thing - but before you watch it, answer the poll below.  (P.S. I literally yawned 5 times while writing this! No joke!)

Did you yawn while reading the above text? free polls 
Okay, now watch the video...

Did you yawn while watching the video? free polls 


pandora party time

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I was so honored to be asked to attend the Grand Opening celebration at the all new Pandora store at the St. Johns Town Center.  Located directly next to Artsy Abode, the beautiful new store a definite "must see" shopping destination. Check out my latest video blog for all of the fun, shopping, champagne and cupcakes!

For more information on the Arthritis Foundation, visit their website by clicking HERE.


Amanda Bynes ARRESTED *mugshot*

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So today in my Morning Dish we talked about Amanda's bizarre arrest details [see video below] .....

And now we are getting a look at her latest mugshot.

Yes, I said "latest" because she's starting to rack them up.  Uno.  Dos.

 I mean... she's still wayyyyy behind Lindsay Lohan...

 ... but unfortunately she's well on her way...  Honestly, I feel bad for Amanda and I hope she gets the help that she desperately needs.

I think she needs Britney Spears level PR at this point.  I mean, if BRITNEY can make a comeback after this moment...

then ANYONE can!


Party w/ Bieber? -SIGN A CONTRACT!

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If ya wanna party with the Biebs, be prepared to sign a hefty contract! I've got the details in today's Morning Dish on FOX30 Action News - PLUS - what landed Michelle Obama & Lady Gaga on the same list.


it's official!!!

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Justin Bieber & Chris Brown
 Alright, can we officially say now that Justin Bieber is hanging out with the WRONGGGG crowd?!?  Eeeeeek I REAAAAALLY hope Biebs, don't take any relationship advice from this guy... ESPECIALLY since it appears he and Selena are back on again!

 Did y'all see Justin & Selena's backstage smooch at the Billboard awards? 
Taylor Swift reacts to Selena&Justin's Kiss
My favorite part about it - Taylor Swift's reaction! I love that this moment was caught on camera!!! I mean, I can't blame Taylor - she and Selena are really close and she's probably just being a protective friend.  Now if only miss Taylor had a few of those - maybe they could help calm her down on the dating scene.

But back to Biebes... he probably needed that smooch to get him through the rough night that was ahead of him.  Yeah it was cool that he received Billboard's Milestone award, but what was NOT so cool - being booed for 2 solid minutes as he gave his acceptance speech. (See video below)

I know there are a lot of Bieber haters out there, and I can see why people may be tired of his "celebrity persona" but bottom line - he actually DOES have musical talent which leads me to believe that we better all get used to having him around the biz for a while.

So do you think he deserved to get "boo-ed"?  Answer the poll below & let me know!

Did Justin Bieber deserve to get BOO-ED at the Billboard Awards?



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Like many of you reading this - the Oklahoma tragedy has left me feeling so heartbroken this morning. My prayers go out to all effected by the horrible tornadoes that have ripped through the Midwest. Not to sound trite here but it's circumstances like these that remind me how short our time here on Earth can be.

Each day is a gift. 

Simply realizing that phrase drastically changes how I view the day ahead of me... and watching this video makes it all resound even more. Zach Sobiech was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer that left him with  months to live.  As a goodbye to friends and family around him He wrote a song called Clouds which not only went viral but gained the attention of a documentary film-maker with some very famous friends.  Below is the result.  Take a few minutes out of your day to watch this inspiring story. 

In the words of Zach: It's simple: try to make people happy... make the world a better place. -And don't forget the most important truth of all:

For God so loved the world that he gave His only Son, that whoever believed in Him would not perish but have eternal life.  John 3:16


your daily obsession

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Watch this video... thank me later.

A few observations...
1. I need a Pomeranian, like asap. NEED.
2. For the first time ever, my Sasha [may] have a rival for title of Cutest Dog in the History of the World.

[Sasha still wins]
3. Asia is home to some extremely strange looking dog treats.


Well that's awkward...

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Remember that time a reporter congratulated Matthew Perry on his show... the same day it got cancelled?  Yeah... it happened, and here's the painful video...  

Well Matthew was more than gracious... after watching it a few times I get the feeling that even the reporter didn't catch how ridiculous he sounded.  -Or maybe he was trying to play it off.  What do you think?  Tweet me your thoughts @SharonWilbur.


SHOCKING Changes coming to idol

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Let me start out by saying I'm completely depressed that Angie Miller got cut from Idol last night.  The fact that she will not be competing in the finale is still CRAZY to me! CRAZY!!!!

To go along with that news... I've got some even more shocking dish to share with you. HUUUUUUGE changes are coming to Season 13 of American Idol, watch my latest video for the details!


Style spotlight: Kate young for target

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I've always been a HUGE Target fan but lately even more so - as they've teamed up with stylist Kate Young for a fun, edgy clothing line.

I am completely in love with the majority of this collection... so yesterday when I walked into Target and noticed the 50% off sign above this dress - I jumped on it!

...ok well not LITERALLY jumped... but I snagged it as quickly as I could! I didn't see the 50% off sale on the Target website so you may have to head to your local store if ya wanna save big $$$ but it's totally worth it!   The necklace I paired with it is also a Target piece, but one I purchased a couple years ago. :)

Have a lovely day! 


Lash Lovin'

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So today happens to be packed full of commercial shoots... and nothing helps give me little confidence boost like some LASHES!!!

Today I broke out my Lilly Lashes in the Venice style to add some drama to my eyes.


OOTD: Summery Stripes

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Comfortable, breezy, feminine, I love this dress! This entire look is from Private Gallery... Necklace, bracelets, platforms - all of it! :)


Mariah Carey's SHOCKING New Single

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Yep. I'd call it shocking.  Shocking because for the first time since 2005 I'm actually LIKING her music!  Mimi has teamed up with Miguel [A.K.A. that guy who sang with Wiz Khalifa at the Grammys] for this catchy retro sounding single that is the perfect summer tune! What do you think?  Like it? Love it? Tweet me your thoughts @SharonWilbur



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Poor Biebs.  The kid has had a stream of back luck lately.... mostly due to his own antics... but over the weekend he had quite the scare!

While performing in Dubai he was ATTACKED on stage by a crazed fan!

How the Bieber fanatic got past his security is BEYOND me... but regardless... THANKFULLY Biebs wasn't hurt! You'll notice in the slow motion clip that Justin jumps up unharmed.  After a 3 minute break he continued on with the rest of his show. Meanwhile the fan was literally pummeled and then dragged out by security.

Sidenote - was anyone else slightly disturbed by the level of terror in the voice of the screaming fan about :10 seconds in?!?!  Girlfriend sounded like she needed a medic more than Bieber did!!!  Tweet me your thoughts @SharonWilbur


The Idol Top 4 Take the Stage AGAIN!

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So we had one more week to enjoy American Idol's top 4 contestants....and WHAT A NIGHT it was!

I definitely disagreed with the judges a bunch last night - especially when it came to Kree.  Check out my Morning Dish for the recap!

...I didn't get to chat much about Candice & Angie... and I wanna take a second to point out the amazingness that is miss Angie Miller.  Last night she delivered 2 strong performances - first she took on Rihanna's Diamonds... and then she performed an old classic Someone To Watch Over Me - a song I haven't heard on the Idol stage since Katharine Mcphee sang it!

Now Kat is hands down one of my all time FAVORITE Idol contestants ever... and I remember thinking how incredible it was when she sang the song.  So this morning I went back and re-watched her take on it.... honestly, it didn't even compare to Angie's.   Watch them back to back and let me know what you think.  It just speaks to how far American Idol has come... the talent this year is so far above and beyond what it has been in the past.


OOTD: Date Night

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So... Originally my date night outfit consisted of this coral shirt with gold detailing from Forever21. The second I stepped outside and realized the temp dropped like 10 degrees I changed things up by throwing a blazer (CottonOn) & Infiniti scarf (Rampage) over it!

I paired it with my fav Jessica Simpson platform heels and my latest purse obsession from Bluetique in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida! How gorgeous is the green!?!? I love it!