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Poor Biebs.  The kid has had a stream of back luck lately.... mostly due to his own antics... but over the weekend he had quite the scare!

While performing in Dubai he was ATTACKED on stage by a crazed fan!

How the Bieber fanatic got past his security is BEYOND me... but regardless... THANKFULLY Biebs wasn't hurt! You'll notice in the slow motion clip that Justin jumps up unharmed.  After a 3 minute break he continued on with the rest of his show. Meanwhile the fan was literally pummeled and then dragged out by security.

Sidenote - was anyone else slightly disturbed by the level of terror in the voice of the screaming fan about :10 seconds in?!?!  Girlfriend sounded like she needed a medic more than Bieber did!!!  Tweet me your thoughts @SharonWilbur