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Justin Bieber & Chris Brown
 Alright, can we officially say now that Justin Bieber is hanging out with the WRONGGGG crowd?!?  Eeeeeek I REAAAAALLY hope Biebs, don't take any relationship advice from this guy... ESPECIALLY since it appears he and Selena are back on again!

 Did y'all see Justin & Selena's backstage smooch at the Billboard awards? 
Taylor Swift reacts to Selena&Justin's Kiss
My favorite part about it - Taylor Swift's reaction! I love that this moment was caught on camera!!! I mean, I can't blame Taylor - she and Selena are really close and she's probably just being a protective friend.  Now if only miss Taylor had a few of those - maybe they could help calm her down on the dating scene.

But back to Biebes... he probably needed that smooch to get him through the rough night that was ahead of him.  Yeah it was cool that he received Billboard's Milestone award, but what was NOT so cool - being booed for 2 solid minutes as he gave his acceptance speech. (See video below)

I know there are a lot of Bieber haters out there, and I can see why people may be tired of his "celebrity persona" but bottom line - he actually DOES have musical talent which leads me to believe that we better all get used to having him around the biz for a while.

So do you think he deserved to get "boo-ed"?  Answer the poll below & let me know!

Did Justin Bieber deserve to get BOO-ED at the Billboard Awards?