Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez SPLIT

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I was so proud to be a part of HLN's The Daily Share team this week.  We were among the first to break the news of Halle Berry's divorce LIVE on air. While I'm in NO WAY happy to hear that her marriage has ended, it is always a rush to be a part of breaking news. Watch the clip for my thoughts on Halle and her future - they just may surprise you! :) 


From Mexico, With Love

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Let's just say my first official trip to Mexico was one that I will never forget... for MANY reasons.  I have so many fun snapshots & videos from trip - I thought I'd put them all together in one blog (as opposed to flooding your instagram feed).  

SO... the purpose for the trip in the first place was to celebrate my Dad's wedding, which would take place on Saturday.  A group of about 30 of us flew in a few days earlier to sight-see and take in a bit of the culture... and the trip begins:

Airport selfie - about to hop on the red-eye
I arrive and get taken to meet up w/ the group at Lake Chapala for some sightseeing
This town is completely enchanting
& cute little shops
Did I mention FRESH donuts sold along the streets!?!?!  DELISH!
We head from there to a boat ride on Lake Chapala... I steered obvi!
Then back to our GORGEOUS hacienda style hotel in Guadalajara
Time to rest up for tomorrow's pre-wedding festivities!
Day 2:  Now, I've seen my share of incredible estates... but this one was unmatched.  My dad and his fiance [now wife] arranged for an incredible private brunch complete with MARIACHI BAND, dancing horses, and some DELICIOUS authentic Mexican food. 

#OOTD featuring some super colorful shorts I've been wanting to wear :)

Brunch with a view of the indoor horse ring

Tried to pack our whole fam into a buggy

THIS FOOD THO!!!!! OMG heaven on earth!
So much color everywhere - couldn't resist snuggling up in this blanket for a pic.
Day 3:  The wedding.  Some of these aren't the best quality pics because they were taken on my iPhone 5 (yes I'm ghetto I know), but they represent some unforgettable memories so I wanted to share them regardless. :)
Daddy about to get hitched!
last minute tweaks :)
Another STUNNING property thanks to our hosts Maritere & Armando

Picturesque places everywhere!
sisters :)
LOVED this dress by Forever Unique

My dad made such a handsome groom!
How gorge is her veil?!? I'm obsessed!
Perfect Mexican Jewish wedding setup
Time to eat!
Kisses for the groom
First dance #adorable
Family pic!
I just love seeing him so happy :)
My hot date - 10 years goin strong! :) :)
Mazel Tov to my dad and his bride, Myriam. :)


TOP 3 Fall Lipsticks

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So a few weeks ago I shared with you my go-to Fall Glam look - today it's all about the lips.  I'm revealing my top 3 lip colors of the season, and whether you like neutrals, darker colors, or reds - there's something for everyone!  Hope ya like it. :)



A Prayer for Israel

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 Okay so at this point you're probably realizing that my blog is an interesting mix of fashion, beauty, pop culture, music and even a little politics here and there.... which actually sums up "me" as a person pretty well.

Today I'm focusing on the here and there, on the nation of Israel - which also happens to be a political hot topic. :)

I won't go into the history of what's transpiring - as it dates back hundreds of years. What I will say is that terrorism has killed more Israelis in the past month than in the last two years.   Over 100 more have been injured due to this wave of violence.  Terrorists are LITERALLY running through the streets with butcher knives, stabbing whomever they can, running their cars into crowds of people, and gunning down families.  Meanwhile - much of the world remains silent... silent until Israel retaliates and [the majority of] the media can paint her as the aggressor.

I'm going to stop myself here because I could literally write about this subject for hours and hours, and that's not the point.

Over the past few days, my heart has been SO heavy for all those living in the midst of this unrest.  The purpose of this post is to honor all of the families who've been directly impacted by the recent terrorism, and to offer up a prayer for the nation of Israel.

The video below is a song I wrote along with my good friend Misha Goetz.  [Check out her music by clicking here!]  It begins with the Shema - one of the most historic and sacred Jewish prayers. 

Our prayer is that this song brings at least a tiny bit of peace and comfort to those who need it.

 "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: May those who love you be secure"

Psalm 122:6


Fall Glam Makeup Tutorial

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Helloooooooo FALL!  Cooler weather may not have us here in LA yet, but Fall trends definitely have. Today I'm recreating a look I've been doing a lot lately - my go-to Fall Glam.   To shop the post,  scroll down and you'll see each of the products I used listed there! :) 



Magazine Feature

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If my fav News Agent (@NewsVP) hadn't tweeted this article out, I'm not sure I would have even seen it! 

Thanks so much to Broadcasting Cable Magazine for featuring me in this story, along with my Telewise/EXTRA family.  Telewise really has paved a new way for TV / brand integration and I'm so happy to be a part of the team!

To check out the article via their website, CLICK HERE, otherwise you can read it below. :)


My Trip to Skid Row

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I have to admit.  The thought of going into one of the roughest neighborhoods in LA freaked me the heck out. 

Today's event was put together by my friend's charity - Two Cents Project.  It's made up of a small group of friends traveling the US with the sole purpose of loving the poorest of poor in the cities they visit, and telling their stories.

When my friend Briauna invited me to take part in this outreach, I jumped at the opportunity without giving it much thought.  This morning the reality set it.  I was fearful, nervous, and anxious about what the day would bring, but I knew that I couldn't let that stop me.  

We would all meet down on Skid Row, set up a table, hand out snacks, play music, paint nails, and just hang with the residents there.  It's funny because I set out today with the mindset of "we're going down to Skid Row to bless people, to love on them, and to encourage them," which is all fine and great, however, after spending literally all day chatting with the people there and hearing their stories I am the one who left blessed, encouraged and forever changed.

I heard so many stories today.  From a guy who grew up living in tents on the streets, to a published author who was down on his luck and homeless for the past 6 months.  What moved me most was what I saw in their eyes.  Not darkness, or even sadness... but hope.  Literally we were standing on what the locals there called "the most dangerous street in Skid Row" and here I was being blown away by the love that THEY were showing ME!  

Proverbs 31:8-9 says "Speak up for those who can not speak for themselves."  These are a few of the stories from today that left me completely changed.

Meet Theresa.  

A mother of 7, grandmother of 7, and very well acquainted with the streets of Skid Row.  She seemed to know everyone that passed us by.  We chatted, we snacked, and painted nails as she told me about her life.   She was so proud of her kids - 4 of which are currently attending college.  "Spread joy" - that was her slogan.  Joy in the midst of her troubles, no matter what.  Why?  Because that's how God's love is shown.  "Joy and love cast out hate," she said, "hate can't live where love lives.  So I chose joy." 

Meet Zakia.  

10 years old, aspiring dancer, teacher and doctor.  This little girl had a strength and courage that I saw within the first 5 minutes of knowing her.  "Can I paint your nails?" I asked her as she came down the street, curious as to what we were doing there..."Can I paint YOURS?" she said back to me... and this was the result: 

Zakia stuck around all day, playing music with us, dancing, singing, and eating lots of popsicles.  Playing on the streets of skid row is a daily occurrence for her as her mom hung out in the park nearby.   There was not one ounce of fear in this child's eyes. The fact that she was pretty much left to roam around the neighborhood didn't phase her one bit.  "You're a strong girl aren't you?" I said to her.  "Yeah... I had to toughen up.  My mom said I would act too much like a little baby so I had to learn how to be tough."  UGHHHH so heart wrenching to hear from this precious spunky girl. All she wanted was a big sis.  Someone to watch her silly dance moves, to play with her hair, and to listen to her stories from school.  I feel like I gained a little sister today.

Meet Sonia.  

Her street name is "Lonely" but after talking to her, I came to realize she is anything BUT.  Sonia is a former drug addict, current Jesus lover and mother of 6 - 3 children by birth and 3 adopted.   I spent a couple hours with her and still felt like it wasn't long enough.  No doubt she lived a rough life.... but all that came out of her mouth was praise to God for all He has brought her through.  She was anything BUT lonely, as the Lord has truly been her best friend.   In God We Trust was tattooed across her chest as a reminder of where she's been, and how far she has come.  

She walks the streets with her adorable dog (WHICH YOU KNOW I FREAKED OUT OVERRRR), and her mission is to love those around her.  "So many people out here are protective of their stuff, because it's all they have.  But I like to bring my dog down here and just let other people hold him..."  at this point she passed her pup to a woman who was deaf and happened to be walking by. The woman seemed surprised to be handed the dog and suddenly a HUGE SMILE came across her face...  "see the smile that it puts on her face," Sonia said to me, "that's priceless."  What a beautiful mission - to make people smile.  Such a simple concept but wow, so powerful.  
The Bible talks about those who are poor being rich in faith (James 2:5), and that verse has such a tangible meaning to me after today.  I feel like I had the opportunity to meet some of God's greatest treasures.  Their names will not be forgotten, nor their stories.  My prayers for Theresa - that God will continue to protect her children and provide for them as they further their education.  My prayers for Zakia - that her sweet spirit will not be overshadowed by her surroundings but that God will continue to shine through her.  My prayers for Sonia - that she will be blessed beyond belief for her faithfulness to God, and that her entire family will come to know the love of the Lord.  Gosh, even just writing this I wish I could be back down there to hug her once more.  She was so special.  

This blog can't even begin to scratch the surface of the depth of what I experienced today, but I hope that these stories encourage and inspire you, just as they have for me.    So often it's not physical things that people are truly in need of.  It's a moment of time... a compassionate ear... someone who will stop to listen. 

So thankful that I had the opportunity to be a part of Two Cents Project's outreach today.  What a world changing group of people.  If you would like to be a part of one of their upcoming events as they travel across the country, check out their website (linked above) and Facebook page.

The photos below tell a bit more of today's story.  All pictures were taken by @JonVolk.


Isaiah 61:1 // The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is upon me, because the LORD has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners.