Chris Brown enters rehab & TWERKING: BANNED!

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Chris Brown ARRESTED AGAIN, plus Katy Perry calls out MILEY?!?

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There are two sides to every story - even when it comes to Chris Brown's latest assault charge. In today's Morning Dish I've got the two VERY different scenarios surrounding Chris' latest incident PLUS what Katy Perry had to say about fellow pop stars and GETTING NAKED!



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It's HERE!!!!  Just a couple days after Kimye's engagement extravaganza, we're getting a first look at how it all went down. I'm sure someone is going to get in trouble for releasing this video but... I'm kinda glad they did cause it's completely adorbs! 

You'll see Kim & Kanye over to the left... and as the lights come up - he's down on one knee. After a few seconds you see the rest of the surprise - Kim's entire family rushing the field - they were hiding in the dugout!

From proposal to birthday party -Kimye, their family and close friends continued to party the night away celebrating Kim's 33rd birthday.  Clearly there are cameras all over the place, which leaves me wondering if this whole thing will be a part of next season's Keeping Up With The Kardashians.  I definitely hope so!

Congrats Kimye!


ROYAL baby vs. JERSEY baby

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It's a big day for the royals - as Prince George is christened!  How Will and Kate are breaking tradition and WHO will attend the private ceremony - in today's Morning Dish. PLUS... a Jersey Shore cast member reveals he's a baby daddy!


Britney singing LIVE?!?!

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It's no secret that Britney Spears rarely, if ever, sings live.  And thanks to a recent leaked video - we know why.  The video below is from a concert Brit did back in 2001.  Someone took the audio from her isolated microphone and posted it for the world to hear! Eeeeek.... I love me some Britney but this is painful!

While you have to admit that was...entertaining to listen to, Britney's situation is not completely uncommon.  Singers, especially those who dance around so much, quite often do not actually have their live vocals turned up at all!  Yes, they are singing, but like Britney - they're singing along to a track with pre-recorded vocals on it.

So Britney isn't the best live singer in the world - but she's definitely an incredible performer and a pop icon! I'll forever be #TEAMBRITNEY!



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So much to talk about in today's Morning Dish!  Details on the Kimye engagement, Kelly Clarkson's Tennessee hillside wedding and the MAJOR scandal surrounding one of my favorite Idol alums, Katherine Mcphee.

In case ya missed it - here's a close up of Kim's ring.  Absolutely STUNNING.

And, now for the big "Awwww" moment - an instagram video from the pre-proposal setup at the San Fran Giants stadium.

Not only did Kanye have "PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!!" appear on the giant screen at the San Fran Giants stadium, he hired a 50 piece orchestra to play Lana Del Rey's song, Young and Beautiful.  SO FREAKING ROMANTIC! -Although I will say, if I hear that song one more time I might have to yank my eardrums out.  Between The Great Gatsby trailer and my car radio, I just can't take it anymore!!!! But I digress...

Honestly, I'm happy for these two.  I'm glad they're FINALLY heading down the aisle.

Ever since I saw Kanye's interview with Kris Jenner back in August, my opinion of their relationship has changed a bit. Despite all his flaws, Kanye seems absolutely smitten with Kim, a feeling he's had since they first met 15 years ago.  It's a long clip but definitely an interesting interview if you haven't seen it yet.


So, will Kim & Kanye have a low key wedding? Take your guess in my poll below!




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The lengths people will go to in order to look like a celeb never cease to amaze me.  I mean, there has to be something innately wrong with ya if you're a grown man trying to look like a 19 year old kid.  FOR REALZZZ!

Call it Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Bieberphilia, or straight up BIZARRE - I have this crazy story and more in today's Morning Dish.

Here's another look at Toby Sheldon's before & after. SO CREEPY!



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In today's Morning Dish I'm talking about a surprising celebrity "wedding" plus the Elle magazine cover that has EVERYONE talking!

Here's a closer look at Melissa's ELLE Magazine cover which I think is not only super sexy but seasonally on point!  Not only that, but I think ELLE should be commended for putting a plus size woman on it's cover when there are SO MANY magazines out there that stick to teeny tiny models! 

..and if you've never seen the SLOTH video mentioned in my Morning Dish - then allow me to make your day. :)


DEGRADED by Miley!?!?!

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Pretty strong words coming from one of Miley's dancers - check out today's Morning Dish below for the details and let me know if you agree with me by taking the poll below.

Do you sympathize with Miley's dancer?
Yes, she was put in a bad position
No, she knew what she was getting into


#RememberingCory on Glee

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What a GREAT night of television we had on Thursday - complete with major highs, and heartbreaking lows.

In today's Morning Dish I've got X Factor AMAZINGNESS plus the incredible Glee episode that had the entire world talking... and crying...

Hands down, the most moving part of Glee's #RememberingCory tribute was Lea Michele's song [see below]. I don't know how she even got through the song honestly. I commend the cast for having enough strength to do this episode - and I'm SO HAPPY that they did.  It really gave us a chance to mourn along with them.

Like I said in my Morning Dish, I didn't feel like I was watching actors, I felt like I was watching friends mourn a deep, deep loss. Cory Monteith's passing was so sad on many levels, and whenever I think about it I'm reminded that you never know what others are struggling with. Life is too short to NOT love on people... to not have compassion for those around you.


Kanye WHO?!

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Sooooo I'm slightly freaking out today because COOLIO IS BACK! 

...Oh how I've missed him!

If you're too young to even know who in the heck I'm talking about then I'm sorry - but YOU have missed out on one of the most classic hip hop songs EVA: Gangsta's Paradise.

Since the 1995 debut of that amazing song, Coolio has branched out into the culinary world! #Random!

In even more random news, after meeting a group of students during a recent appearance, he offered to not only go back to their dorm room and cook for them - but to jam out with them! 

Hence - the following video:

Of course, upon watching this video I was reminded that I know EVERY word to EVERY verse of this classic tune... so.... this happened....


Glee's Farewell to FINN & Restless Road heats up The X Factor

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To be honest - The X Factor left me completely underwhelmed last night.

THANKFULLY I am pretty sure they've saved the best for last when it comes to the GROUPS. Tonight we'll get to see more of Alex & Sierra who are my early frontrunners... and the TOP 16 will be revealed! Live shows are right around the corner!!! I can't wait.

In the meantime - who did impress me last night?  Check out my Morning Dish below to find out *PLUS* what Glee creator Ryan Murphy has to say about tonight's Cory Monteith tribute.


Kris & Bruce Jenner SPLIT *PLUS* an X Factor Preview

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Kris & Bruce Jenner SPLIT
 Well, sadly enough, it's been confirmed that Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner have split after 22 years of marriage.  What this means for the show and why there's still hope for the marriage in today's Morning Dish - PLUS - who to be watching out for on The X Factor tonight!

So Alex and Sierra are the two I really can't wait to see tonight on The X Factor. I think their audition just scratched the surface as far as their talent and capability. Not only do they have great chemistry together - they're both SO LIKABLE... and... quirky.

Check out this awesome Civil Wars cover they did... 


WHO is Khaya Cohen and WHY is she so cool?

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Let's start with the WHO. Khaya Cohen is a 15 year old singer/songwriter who auditioned for this season of The X Factor.

This girl has SO MUCH raw talent and potential, it's crazy! She's being called a mix of Adele, Amy Winehouse and Nora Jones - and that's exactly what she sounds like.  Last night on the show she put her own spin on Bruno Mars' Locked out of Heaven and the judges loved it! I loved it so much that I decided to YouTube her, which is when I found this little gem.

Something about Khaya is just so cool. 

Maybe it's the fact that she sings with such soul... or seems to not really buy into all the pop "fluff" around her.  She's just herself.   She's not perfect, and definitely has some growing to do - but I see her as an unpolished gem - I can't wait to see how she progresses in the competition.







Oh... My... LOHAN

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WHAT IS UP with the Lohan family?!?!  Just when one [Lindsay] starts to get better, another emerges from the dust bringing even more crazy than the ones before.  You have GOT to hear the latest...

So here's the before and after picture referred to in the video above.... Honestly - she looks WAY Better before...

Here she is side by side with Lindsay - do you think she accomplished the look she was going for?  Tweet me at @SharonWilbur!


OH NO! I might LOVE Miley again!

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I can't believe I'm saying this, but Miley Cyrus has TWERKED her way back into my heart.

She just released the "Directors Cut" of the Wrecking Ball video - and it's WAY better than the original.  If she was going for raw emotion, then THIS is it.  The whole naked straddling a wrecking ball thing was entirely too sexual and took away from the honesty and amazingness of the song.

The only thing I'd change... less mouth spit.  ICKY!  It's distracting!

Which version do you like better? Tweet me your thoughts at @SharonWilbur!