Britney singing LIVE?!?!

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It's no secret that Britney Spears rarely, if ever, sings live.  And thanks to a recent leaked video - we know why.  The video below is from a concert Brit did back in 2001.  Someone took the audio from her isolated microphone and posted it for the world to hear! Eeeeek.... I love me some Britney but this is painful!

While you have to admit that was...entertaining to listen to, Britney's situation is not completely uncommon.  Singers, especially those who dance around so much, quite often do not actually have their live vocals turned up at all!  Yes, they are singing, but like Britney - they're singing along to a track with pre-recorded vocals on it.

So Britney isn't the best live singer in the world - but she's definitely an incredible performer and a pop icon! I'll forever be #TEAMBRITNEY!