#RememberingCory on Glee

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What a GREAT night of television we had on Thursday - complete with major highs, and heartbreaking lows.

In today's Morning Dish I've got X Factor AMAZINGNESS plus the incredible Glee episode that had the entire world talking... and crying...

Hands down, the most moving part of Glee's #RememberingCory tribute was Lea Michele's song [see below]. I don't know how she even got through the song honestly. I commend the cast for having enough strength to do this episode - and I'm SO HAPPY that they did.  It really gave us a chance to mourn along with them.

Like I said in my Morning Dish, I didn't feel like I was watching actors, I felt like I was watching friends mourn a deep, deep loss. Cory Monteith's passing was so sad on many levels, and whenever I think about it I'm reminded that you never know what others are struggling with. Life is too short to NOT love on people... to not have compassion for those around you.