Lisa Daftari Interview | People Who Inspire Ep. 2

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 Welcome back to Episode 2 of People Who Inspire!!!

Today Lisa Daftari is joining me, and she is LEGENDARY!  You've probably seen her on FOX News, or the numerous other media outlets that she contributes to - as she's an expert on Counter Terrorism, Middle East Politics, and much more.  She is not only SO SMART but one of the most empowering women I've ever had the blessing of knowing.  Lisa is a daily inspiration to me personally, so of course I had to share her with all of you!

If you're interested in hearing more about why it was on my heart to start this series, check out my "announcement video" by clicking here:

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Instagram: @LisaDaftari
Personal Website:


Dirty Hair Hairstyles

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Hey friends!  So we've all had those days where we just DO NOT FEEL LIKE styling our hair.  I have those days QUITE often - hence the idea for this video!  These are my top 4 dirty hair hairstyles.  Let me know which one is your fav in the comments below! :)


People Who Inspire Ep. 1

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Hello friends!!!! Today is SUCH an exciting day for me because I could NOT be more excited to launch my brand new series:  People Who Inspire.  Earlier this week I posted a video explaining why I was inspired to begin this series, so if you haven't seen that yet I'd definitely suggest checking it out (CLICK HERE to do so) before you watch Episode 1 below.  

Today's guest, Sazan Hendrix, is super inspiring to me on MANY levels and I know you will feel the same after watching this.  She's a world famous blogger, a YouTuber, a Host, and so much more.  I hope you enjoy episode 1 of People Who Inspire! :) xo

Sazan's Info

Instagram: @SazanHendrix





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Time for a VERY special announcement!  This is something I've been waiting to share with you for some time and I am SO EXCITED to finally be posting it.  Check out the video below for deets. :) xo