Helloooo Hollywood

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Well, I've officially made the move.

After years of preparation, and a 5 day trek across the country - Joel, Sasha & I have relocated to Los Angeles!

I know my blog has been quiet over the past few days because it's has taken me some time to get situated here - but... I'm baaaaaaaack!  Did ya miss me?  :)

So much has happened in Celeb-Land and let me tell you... being so close to the action DEF has it's perks.  Over the past couple days I've heard the CRAZIEST [but true] Bieber stories and drama surrounding some of Hollywood's biggest stars.  I can't wait to share all my dish with ya... keep checkin' back here for the scoop!

In the mean time [in case you're not following me on instagram] - allow me to share some of my fav road trip pics with ya. 

Saying goodbye to this face was SO DIFFICULT!
And the roadtrip has commenced!
Of course we had to stop for some exercise along the way...
and to take in the scenery
I mean... how gorgeous is this??!
and this?
IN-N-OUT  >  My Will Power
Almost there!!!!!
Celebrating our 1st night in LA w/ our FAB Roomates!

Even Sasha is setlling in w/ Her new friend Artex

and just like that... a new chapter of our lives has begun. 



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If you're like me then you're probably thinking it was only a matter of time. This kid has been in a downward spiral for months now and last night things GOT REAL for Justin.

He was leaving a Miami club when cops allegedly spotted his car drag racing. When they pulled him over, Bieber was given a field sobriety test... Which according to my sources he FAILED. That's when cops arrested him for DUI and drag racing.

Not sure what happened to the model who was riding in his passenger seat. I'm guessing the night ended a lot differently then she had planned.

At this point Biebs is still in police custody but it's only a matter of time before he posts bail. 

TMZ obtained this video from the scene:

This will definitely add fuel to the fire of those urging Bieber to go to rehab, that's for sure! Although my source close to him says:

"He's a total wreck and unless they have rehab for your character and personality then I doubt it will help him." 

It seems to me that Bieber is clearly in need of a wake up call... maybe this is it...?

New details emerging...
I'll update this with more information when I have it. 


Shae's Style

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What a crazy fun day!  I've had so many questions about my entire Wendy Williams show ensemble that I thought I'd post a blog with all of the details.


My look started with a spray tan from my fav spa in Jacksonville, FL - Sole Spa Inc.  I rarely do spray tans, but when I do, I always go see my girl Diana.  She air bushes you by hand so it never turns out looking orange or creasy.  Definitely a MUST for a major TV appearance like The Wendy Show!


My friend Jordan Way totally saved my life by coming to glam me up at 6am this morning.

I wanted a full head of curls and that's def what I got! This was how it looked just after the curls were set.  After an hour or so, we brushed it out to make the spirals a little less severe and to give it a more natural look.

Now I WISH I could say this was all my hair but I'm actually wearing a brand new set of OMBRE Luxy Hair Extensions.

Luxys are my go-to when it comes to clip ins.  I've ordered from them 3 times and have never been disappointed.  They looked so natural that even Wendy's hair crew thought it was my own hair!

For my makeup, all I wanted was to be bronzed out with a defined eye - nothing too dramatic.  I'm obsessed with how it turned out!

Jorday Way - you are AMAZING!

The Clothes

The second I saw this dress at Meow & Barks Boutique  I knew it was a Wendy Dress.  :)  Despite the fact that my hubby said it reminded him of Iron Man, I just had to have it!

Since the dress itself made such a statement, I didn't want to overdue the accessories.  I nixed the earrings and paired it with a spike statement necklace from Bebe. 

As you can see from my "How you doin'?!?" pose, I even went simple on the ring situation.  I've worn this cocktail ring from Ellie's Sparkles non stop for the past 4 days.  I love it!

Today was a day I'll never forgot - thanks to all those who helped put me together and glam me up! Love you!!! xoxo



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Another awards show means more fashion to talk about! I just love this time of year... And to think we've got The Grammys right around the corner! #EXCITING

But let's talk SAG fashion. We'll start with my favs.

Sandra Bullock, Claire Danes and Camilla Alves rocked the most gorge looks of the night. 

Sandra was STUNNING in this emerald green Lanvin.  

Something about jewel tones like this on brunettes is just perfection.  It's got great shape to it and a love the little Angelina Jolie leg poppin' action.

Now Claire Danes is one who rarely ends up being a fashion stand out to me but ummmm.... I'm slightly obsessed with this Vionnett gown.

 Camilla Alves, AKA Matthew Mcconaughey's wife looked super sexy in this curve accentuating Donna Karan.

This color just makes her glow.  It's definitely not a shade that just anyone can pull off either.  I could also see Sofia Vergara rocking this or something similar.

It honestly pains me to have Kerry on this side of my red carpet recap but I kinda hated this look.

She's probably one of the most stunning prego women ever, and I think she could have SURELY chosen a dress that really showed off her figure in a prettier way.  Now I will say that I totally applaud her for even being brave enough to wear this with such confidence - but it's NOT my fav.

Game of Thrones actress Rose Leslie was another one who's outfit was a bit disappointing.

This is a good example of something that worked on the runway [see below], but not so much in real life.

I like the mixing of textures and patterns, but the dress just didn't fit Rose as well.  Again, I applaud her for being daring though!

Now... If I said what Kate Blanchett's dress REALLY reminded me of, it'd be a tad in approp, so I'll go with the more kosher comparison.

It may be Givenchy but the only thing this dress is givin' me is a big question mark.  Is it loincloth inspired? Or maybe tulip inspired? I have no idea, I'm just not a fan.  :)

So what do you think!?!?!  Do you agree with my picks?  Tweet me @SharonWilbur!


Silver Linings Shake Up!

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So apparently one of my favorite movies of all time ALMOST ended up looking much different than the flick I've grown to love.... and of course I'm talking Silver Linings Playbook.

It's hard to deny that Bradley Cooper & Jennifer Lawrence = movie magic when they join forces on the big screen...


...but these two were NOT the original stars set to play the main roles in Silver Linings Playbook! In a recent interview, the films executive producer Harvey Weinstein admitted that Anne Hathaway and Mark Wahlberg were the original two set to play the leads!

The Mark Wahlberg thing doesn't surprise me too much considering Silver Linings Playbook was filmed in his hometown [and mine] of Philadelphia.... But I will say the movie would not be the same without Bradley's genius depiction of Pat.

-And ANNE HATHAWAY as Tiffany?!?!?  No.  I just can't even picture it.  Maybe It's because I'm just not an Anne fan any way you look at it... But Jennifer has such a quirky vulnerability as an actress that makes you love her even when her character is a bit on the "CRAY" side of things.

SO what caused Anne and Mark to drop out of their roles?  Well apparently a large part of it was due to the fact that Anne had a few disagreements with the film's director.   No exact details have been released on that but sounds like DRAMAAAAAA to me!

I wonder if they're regretting their decisions?  What do you think - would Silver Linings Playbook be as good of a movie with Anne & Mark as the leads?

 Tweet me your thoughts at @SharonWilbur!



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Praise Jesus!  Jennifer Lopez's perfectly contoured face has returned to our televisions!

OMGGGG IDOL IS BACK & BETTER THAN EVER!  Seriously... whatever mojo was lost over years past has returned.  I think I laughed more during this season premiere than I ever have.  This combo of judges is absolutely HILARIOUS!

But of course it's not all about the judges - it's about finding the next American Idol, so lets talk some of the highlights!

My #1 obsession from last night is Ethan Thompson.

He wasn't given a whole lot of time but OMGGGGG his voice is like heaven.  I'm a sucker for a nice raspy voice like his. [CLICK HERE to watch his audition back]

After a bit of YouTube stalking I came upon THIS gem, an original song he wrote that's just as gorge as his voice!

Sam Woolf was another great acoustic guitar player/singer.  Although I wish he didn't rush the song so much - you can tell he's got GREAT potential.  I kinda like how he seems a little shy and timid while he plays.  It's endearing.

Sam Woolf - Lego House - American Idol 13 by IdolxMuzic

At this point, I'm totally over seeing the "bad auditions."   I feel like we've seen enough schtick over the past 13 seasons, but James Earl was so entertaining!  I don't even understand what he was doing with his voice or how in the heck he did it - but he managed to span a plethora of octaves as he sang.  Bizarre.

James Earl - Everything in Life - American... by IdolxMuzic
Apparently this year we have some legit songwriters... Savion Wright came ready to be remembered.  LOVED his charisma and even more so, his song!  It's not like his voice will blow you away BUT he's likable and DEFINITELY has something special. He's a total package type of artist.  It'll be interesting to see how he holds up vocally during Hollywood Week.

And last but not least - we can't talk about last night's show without talking about the audition that almost made me pee from laughing so hard.  Just watch it.

Munfarid Zaidi - Crazy for You - American Idol 13 by IdolxMuzic

Thought's of the night:

-BEST pannel of judges since Simon Cowell was around. 

-Jennifer Lopez should have kept her 1st hairstyle and not switched to this:

-I'm still waiting to be wowed by the ladies... at this point it seems like it's going to be a guy's year!

What'd you think of last night's show?  Tweet me at @SharonWilbur


How YOU Doin'!?!?!?!

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I feel like I'm in a season of MAJOR announcements lately!  So you guys remember back when I first posted [THIS VIDEO] telling you I was moving to LA?   I teased ya with a little something at the end when I mentioned that on January 20th I'd be making a television appearance.

Well... we're a week away from that date and It's time to let you guys in a on some news I've kept secret:

Next Monday - January 20th - I will be the guest Celebrity Insider on...

I will be joining the ever-so-fabulous Wendy Williams for her Inside Scoop segment, so we'll be chatting up all the juicy details on the hottest stories coming out of Hollywood! 

And you BEST believe I've already been practicing my "HOW YOU DOIN'"

SO, set your DVRs or tune in live on January 20th to see me on The Wendy Williams Show!  *Check your local listings to see when she airs in your city - it's different depending on where you live. :)



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Yep! One of these beautiful ladies is engaged and the other has just announced she's knocked up.

Let's start with the BABY NEWS!  

After seeing Kim K prego, I wasn't sure anyone could rock a baby bump as fiercely... but I have a feeling Ciara is about to change all that. 

Her rep has JUST NOW confirmed that she is expecting her first child with fiance Future!  

The two have been engaged since October of last year and have yet to tie the knot.  No details yet on the wedding date or even the due date... 

but by the looks of her bump - she seems pretty far along!  

Alrighty - onto the wedding news!   

Since she split from her baby daddy Pete Wentz back in 2011, Ash has been on the dating scene... that is until last year when she and Evan Ross became official.

Honestly I had no clue who in the heck he was until I googled his name, but Mr. Evan right here just so happens to be the son of none other than Diana Ross!

Ash posted this pic on twitter along with the caption: "My baby love and I are ENGAGED!!! Hallelujah Hawaii !!!!! "

Mazel to these two... now the question is - which Simpson sis will be the first to tie the knot?  Jessica has been engaged for what seems like FORRRREVERRRRR!  

So who's it gonna be? Jessica or Ashlee? -Tweet me your thoughts @SharonWilbur