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Yep! One of these beautiful ladies is engaged and the other has just announced she's knocked up.

Let's start with the BABY NEWS!  

After seeing Kim K prego, I wasn't sure anyone could rock a baby bump as fiercely... but I have a feeling Ciara is about to change all that. 

Her rep has JUST NOW confirmed that she is expecting her first child with fiance Future!  

The two have been engaged since October of last year and have yet to tie the knot.  No details yet on the wedding date or even the due date... 

but by the looks of her bump - she seems pretty far along!  

Alrighty - onto the wedding news!   

Since she split from her baby daddy Pete Wentz back in 2011, Ash has been on the dating scene... that is until last year when she and Evan Ross became official.

Honestly I had no clue who in the heck he was until I googled his name, but Mr. Evan right here just so happens to be the son of none other than Diana Ross!

Ash posted this pic on twitter along with the caption: "My baby love and I are ENGAGED!!! Hallelujah Hawaii !!!!! "

Mazel to these two... now the question is - which Simpson sis will be the first to tie the knot?  Jessica has been engaged for what seems like FORRRREVERRRRR!  

So who's it gonna be? Jessica or Ashlee? -Tweet me your thoughts @SharonWilbur