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Another awards show means more fashion to talk about! I just love this time of year... And to think we've got The Grammys right around the corner! #EXCITING

But let's talk SAG fashion. We'll start with my favs.

Sandra Bullock, Claire Danes and Camilla Alves rocked the most gorge looks of the night. 

Sandra was STUNNING in this emerald green Lanvin.  

Something about jewel tones like this on brunettes is just perfection.  It's got great shape to it and a love the little Angelina Jolie leg poppin' action.

Now Claire Danes is one who rarely ends up being a fashion stand out to me but ummmm.... I'm slightly obsessed with this Vionnett gown.

 Camilla Alves, AKA Matthew Mcconaughey's wife looked super sexy in this curve accentuating Donna Karan.

This color just makes her glow.  It's definitely not a shade that just anyone can pull off either.  I could also see Sofia Vergara rocking this or something similar.

It honestly pains me to have Kerry on this side of my red carpet recap but I kinda hated this look.

She's probably one of the most stunning prego women ever, and I think she could have SURELY chosen a dress that really showed off her figure in a prettier way.  Now I will say that I totally applaud her for even being brave enough to wear this with such confidence - but it's NOT my fav.

Game of Thrones actress Rose Leslie was another one who's outfit was a bit disappointing.

This is a good example of something that worked on the runway [see below], but not so much in real life.

I like the mixing of textures and patterns, but the dress just didn't fit Rose as well.  Again, I applaud her for being daring though!

Now... If I said what Kate Blanchett's dress REALLY reminded me of, it'd be a tad in approp, so I'll go with the more kosher comparison.

It may be Givenchy but the only thing this dress is givin' me is a big question mark.  Is it loincloth inspired? Or maybe tulip inspired? I have no idea, I'm just not a fan.  :)

So what do you think!?!?!  Do you agree with my picks?  Tweet me @SharonWilbur!