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What a crazy fun day!  I've had so many questions about my entire Wendy Williams show ensemble that I thought I'd post a blog with all of the details.


My look started with a spray tan from my fav spa in Jacksonville, FL - Sole Spa Inc.  I rarely do spray tans, but when I do, I always go see my girl Diana.  She air bushes you by hand so it never turns out looking orange or creasy.  Definitely a MUST for a major TV appearance like The Wendy Show!


My friend Jordan Way totally saved my life by coming to glam me up at 6am this morning.

I wanted a full head of curls and that's def what I got! This was how it looked just after the curls were set.  After an hour or so, we brushed it out to make the spirals a little less severe and to give it a more natural look.

Now I WISH I could say this was all my hair but I'm actually wearing a brand new set of OMBRE Luxy Hair Extensions.

Luxys are my go-to when it comes to clip ins.  I've ordered from them 3 times and have never been disappointed.  They looked so natural that even Wendy's hair crew thought it was my own hair!

For my makeup, all I wanted was to be bronzed out with a defined eye - nothing too dramatic.  I'm obsessed with how it turned out!

Jorday Way - you are AMAZING!

The Clothes

The second I saw this dress at Meow & Barks Boutique  I knew it was a Wendy Dress.  :)  Despite the fact that my hubby said it reminded him of Iron Man, I just had to have it!

Since the dress itself made such a statement, I didn't want to overdue the accessories.  I nixed the earrings and paired it with a spike statement necklace from Bebe. 

As you can see from my "How you doin'?!?" pose, I even went simple on the ring situation.  I've worn this cocktail ring from Ellie's Sparkles non stop for the past 4 days.  I love it!

Today was a day I'll never forgot - thanks to all those who helped put me together and glam me up! Love you!!! xoxo

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  1. YAY! I'm so proud of you my gorgeous friend! I hope it was as much fun as you made it look. LOVE you!