[Face] NAKED

11:06 AM Unknown 2 Comments

A few months back one of my extremely talented friends - makeup artist Paulina Perez - asked if I'd help her out by modeling for her portfolio. Of course I jumped at the offer.... THEN she told me the rules... I had to go "au natural" for this shoot. *CUE THE INSECURITY* 

For me, it's easy to have confidence in front of the camera when I've got full hair and makeup done... but how would it feel to do a more NAKED FACED shoot?  Well I was about to find out!

What a fun shoot!  Mario Peralta and his whole team were absolutely awesome to work with - and of course Paulina always does an incredible job.  *Special thanks to the lovely Kaylan Weems for shooting all the video for me as well!* 

Here are some of the final snapshots:


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