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Praise Jesus!  Jennifer Lopez's perfectly contoured face has returned to our televisions!

OMGGGG IDOL IS BACK & BETTER THAN EVER!  Seriously... whatever mojo was lost over years past has returned.  I think I laughed more during this season premiere than I ever have.  This combo of judges is absolutely HILARIOUS!

But of course it's not all about the judges - it's about finding the next American Idol, so lets talk some of the highlights!

My #1 obsession from last night is Ethan Thompson.

He wasn't given a whole lot of time but OMGGGGG his voice is like heaven.  I'm a sucker for a nice raspy voice like his. [CLICK HERE to watch his audition back]

After a bit of YouTube stalking I came upon THIS gem, an original song he wrote that's just as gorge as his voice!

Sam Woolf was another great acoustic guitar player/singer.  Although I wish he didn't rush the song so much - you can tell he's got GREAT potential.  I kinda like how he seems a little shy and timid while he plays.  It's endearing.

Sam Woolf - Lego House - American Idol 13 by IdolxMuzic

At this point, I'm totally over seeing the "bad auditions."   I feel like we've seen enough schtick over the past 13 seasons, but James Earl was so entertaining!  I don't even understand what he was doing with his voice or how in the heck he did it - but he managed to span a plethora of octaves as he sang.  Bizarre.

James Earl - Everything in Life - American... by IdolxMuzic
Apparently this year we have some legit songwriters... Savion Wright came ready to be remembered.  LOVED his charisma and even more so, his song!  It's not like his voice will blow you away BUT he's likable and DEFINITELY has something special. He's a total package type of artist.  It'll be interesting to see how he holds up vocally during Hollywood Week.

And last but not least - we can't talk about last night's show without talking about the audition that almost made me pee from laughing so hard.  Just watch it.

Munfarid Zaidi - Crazy for You - American Idol 13 by IdolxMuzic

Thought's of the night:

-BEST pannel of judges since Simon Cowell was around. 

-Jennifer Lopez should have kept her 1st hairstyle and not switched to this:

-I'm still waiting to be wowed by the ladies... at this point it seems like it's going to be a guy's year!

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