Silver Linings Shake Up!

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So apparently one of my favorite movies of all time ALMOST ended up looking much different than the flick I've grown to love.... and of course I'm talking Silver Linings Playbook.

It's hard to deny that Bradley Cooper & Jennifer Lawrence = movie magic when they join forces on the big screen...


...but these two were NOT the original stars set to play the main roles in Silver Linings Playbook! In a recent interview, the films executive producer Harvey Weinstein admitted that Anne Hathaway and Mark Wahlberg were the original two set to play the leads!

The Mark Wahlberg thing doesn't surprise me too much considering Silver Linings Playbook was filmed in his hometown [and mine] of Philadelphia.... But I will say the movie would not be the same without Bradley's genius depiction of Pat.

-And ANNE HATHAWAY as Tiffany?!?!?  No.  I just can't even picture it.  Maybe It's because I'm just not an Anne fan any way you look at it... But Jennifer has such a quirky vulnerability as an actress that makes you love her even when her character is a bit on the "CRAY" side of things.

SO what caused Anne and Mark to drop out of their roles?  Well apparently a large part of it was due to the fact that Anne had a few disagreements with the film's director.   No exact details have been released on that but sounds like DRAMAAAAAA to me!

I wonder if they're regretting their decisions?  What do you think - would Silver Linings Playbook be as good of a movie with Anne & Mark as the leads?

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