How YOU Doin'!?!?!?!

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I feel like I'm in a season of MAJOR announcements lately!  So you guys remember back when I first posted [THIS VIDEO] telling you I was moving to LA?   I teased ya with a little something at the end when I mentioned that on January 20th I'd be making a television appearance.

Well... we're a week away from that date and It's time to let you guys in a on some news I've kept secret:

Next Monday - January 20th - I will be the guest Celebrity Insider on...

I will be joining the ever-so-fabulous Wendy Williams for her Inside Scoop segment, so we'll be chatting up all the juicy details on the hottest stories coming out of Hollywood! 

And you BEST believe I've already been practicing my "HOW YOU DOIN'"

SO, set your DVRs or tune in live on January 20th to see me on The Wendy Williams Show!  *Check your local listings to see when she airs in your city - it's different depending on where you live. :)


  1. You go girl! My whole team at work watches that over coffee in the morning! We will certainly be rooting for you! Proud of you sweet Sharon!