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If you're like me then you're probably thinking it was only a matter of time. This kid has been in a downward spiral for months now and last night things GOT REAL for Justin.

He was leaving a Miami club when cops allegedly spotted his car drag racing. When they pulled him over, Bieber was given a field sobriety test... Which according to my sources he FAILED. That's when cops arrested him for DUI and drag racing.

Not sure what happened to the model who was riding in his passenger seat. I'm guessing the night ended a lot differently then she had planned.

At this point Biebs is still in police custody but it's only a matter of time before he posts bail. 

TMZ obtained this video from the scene:

This will definitely add fuel to the fire of those urging Bieber to go to rehab, that's for sure! Although my source close to him says:

"He's a total wreck and unless they have rehab for your character and personality then I doubt it will help him." 

It seems to me that Bieber is clearly in need of a wake up call... maybe this is it...?

New details emerging...
I'll update this with more information when I have it.