Red Carpet Rundown: 2014 PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS

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Last night the hottest of hollywood stepped out for the 2014 People's Choice Awards.  I LOVE this awards show because celebs have a bit more freedom when it comes to their fashion choices.  The Oscars are more of a "go big or go home" kinda approach and with the PCAs you tend to see a lil more personality and individuality.

There were 3 major trends I noticed on the red carpet... trends that will surely come at us full force this spring, so get ready!

First up - MODERN EDGE.


Naya Rivera - HANDS DOWN - rocked my favorite look of the night.

This high/low dress is super contemporary and chic.  She just glowed.  Her skin, her hair... head to toe perfection! 

Allison Williams brought a bit of edge to the red carpet with this modern cutout dress.  Length-wise it's a bit retro, but the cutouts and the color blocking in her pumps definitely bring it around to 2014.


Perhaps the most daring color on the red carpet was white - and we saw a lot of it!  I just admire anyone who is risky enough to attempt this.  If it were me, It'd only be a matter of minutes before my white dress was covered in a variety of lipstick, foundation, crumbs... whatever.  I'm far too clumsy to pull this off but congrats to gorgeous ladies who WURKED IT OUT!

J-Hud just gets better and better with time.  This chick has come so far since her Idol days and WOWWWW was she a stunner.

If anyone can pull off white all year round, it's Jessica Alba.  I mean... it's pretty much physically impossible for her to look bad. 

Beth Behr's wasn't exactly wearing ALL white - but I love the simplicity in this gown.  SO chic. Although I probably would have paired it with a really amazing statement necklace, she went for simple hoop earrings which really completed the look well for her.


 This whole applique trend is quite possibly one of the sexiest looks taking over Hollywood... and Britney Spears looked BETTER THAN EVER in it!

This dress almost looks painted on her, it fits so well.  She was another one who just seemed to glow from the inside out.

On the darker side - Nina Dobrev rocked a body-hugging black and silver applique dress.  Because there are so many embellishments on the dress itself, she went with super simple accessories and strappy heels.


There weren't too many looks that made me cringe last night... but there were a few.

I kinda hated Heidi Klum's starburst gown.  It had great shape to it, but the material itself looks like something purchased at DEB in 1998. [Eeeek... ladies you remember that place? LOL]

Kat Dennings was another one who could have made a better impression.  This dress is like a combination of Lena Dunham & Katy Perry's recent floral explosions.

Thankfully, I think the good outweighed the bad last night... Which look was your fav?

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