Helloooo Hollywood

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Well, I've officially made the move.

After years of preparation, and a 5 day trek across the country - Joel, Sasha & I have relocated to Los Angeles!

I know my blog has been quiet over the past few days because it's has taken me some time to get situated here - but... I'm baaaaaaaack!  Did ya miss me?  :)

So much has happened in Celeb-Land and let me tell you... being so close to the action DEF has it's perks.  Over the past couple days I've heard the CRAZIEST [but true] Bieber stories and drama surrounding some of Hollywood's biggest stars.  I can't wait to share all my dish with ya... keep checkin' back here for the scoop!

In the mean time [in case you're not following me on instagram] - allow me to share some of my fav road trip pics with ya. 

Saying goodbye to this face was SO DIFFICULT!
And the roadtrip has commenced!
Of course we had to stop for some exercise along the way...
and to take in the scenery
I mean... how gorgeous is this??!
and this?
IN-N-OUT  >  My Will Power
Almost there!!!!!
Celebrating our 1st night in LA w/ our FAB Roomates!

Even Sasha is setlling in w/ Her new friend Artex

and just like that... a new chapter of our lives has begun.