OOTD: Velcro Revival

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Ya know that moment your hubby/boyfriend/boo/whatever calls ya and is like "Hey babe, I'll pick ya up in 15 minutes for lunch" and you're still laying around in your bathrobe? Yeah... well welcome to my day. :) Let the mad rush commence.

Usually my makeup alone takes about 30 minutes so let's just say I had to improvise a bit today. [Scroll down to the bottom for makeup look of the day]

Leggings [CottonOn], button down [H&M] and a scarf [Nordstrom Rack] were the first things I could grab.

Obviously, given my time crunch, there was no way on EARTH I was about to attempt to make sense of my hair - so I pulled a Kate Beckinsale and threw it up into a pony.

These VELCRO wedge sneakers are my latest OBSESSION and I can not tell you how comfortable they are!  This is the closest thing to an athletic shoe that you will ever see on my feet! :) They're made by Steve Madden and were only $59 at Nordstrom Rack.  #Score

Now for my makeup.  You guys know I'm not about to go on a date - even if it's just a lunch date - with a bare face.  Sorry - not my style. :) SO when I'm in a rush my MUST HAVES are:  Foundation, Eyeliner, Mascara, a tiny bit of blush & lipgloss.  This is my 5 minute look: