The Drama Queen [ep.3]

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The Drama Queen | 11pm, 10c on E!
It's SUNDAY NIGHT which means an *all new* episode of The Drama Queen coming up at 11pm | 10c on E!  In case ya haven't heard about this hilarious new show based on my manager - refer back to THIS BLOG post.

Will I be featured on tonight's episode?  -You'll have to watch to see... but I can tell you for sure that  I'll be live tweeting during the show, with the cast, so join the convo by following me at @SharonWilbur.

Also, in case you haven't followed me on instagram yet, click here to do so [or search @shaewilbur]!  I'm an instagram ADDICT! :)

 In case you just can't wait until 11 tonight and want a sneak peek of tonight's episode - check out the video below: