Tori Tuesday

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If you've been following me for a while... then you know I've been following Miss Tori Kelly for yearssssss.  -And by years I mean since 2009 when she would sit in her room recording youtube videos [like this one] that I'd play OVER and OVER again. 
Since then she's been on Idol, Ellen, Good Morning America, and a bunch of other shows and... TRUST ME...she's just days away from becoming a household name - if she's not already! :)

The fact that she's signed with Scooter Braun [Justin Bieber's manager] doesn't hurt either.  This extremely talented chick has gone from recording videos in her bedroom to hanging in the studio with Pharrell and playing to a sold out crowd in Madison Square Garden with Ed Sheeran!  #LEGIT

AAAAAAAANYWAY, all this leads me to today.  The debut of her OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO for Dear No One.


 Watch.  Download her music.  & become Tori obsessed like me. :)