Groupie films BIEBER IN BED!!!!

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Justin Bieber sleeping in hotel room in Brazil
I admit. When I first saw this video and headline circling around I figured it was just a random video of Justin sleeping... nothing all that incriminating. I was wrong. Not only do you see the Biebs snoozin' away, you see a girl with some severe "bed head" joyfully filming him.

Now, you could rationalize that maybe she just so happened to be partying in the same place ... and snuck into his personal bedroom the next morning to snag this video....?  I mean, if she really was in bed WITH him... you'd think she would shoot some selfie videos actually next to him! Right?!?!

Maybe I'm giving Justin the benefit of the doubt too much. What do you think?  Is this video incriminating?  Did we catch Bieber post sleepover? Or is this just a super sneaky fan girl?
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