Simon Cowell found himself a BABY MOMMA!

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Well these headlines definitely shocked me today!  Simon Cowell is reportedly expecting a child with New York socialite Lauren Silverman. 

Lauren Silverman
How is Simon associated with her?  Oh... ya know, he's friends with her HUSBAND!  Yes I said HUSBAND!  Eek this spells drama all around.

Let's take a moment and flashback to an interview Simon did back in 2009: "God, no. I couldn't have children. If I had them here drawing on the walls I'd go nuts!"

Well I guess it's time to stock up on those washable markers Mr. Cowell because according to an US Weekly insider, Lauren is 10 weeks along.

Simon & Lauren Silverman vacationing together in 2012

As far as her current marriage goes, she and her husband have been "unhappy" and apparently a divorce is "in the works." This situation is just shady all around!!!

I'm honestly surprised that out of all his girlfriends, he choses the WIFE of his FRIEND to knock up.  I mean, he dated Mezghan Hussainy for years and never had any babies on the horizon. 

One thing is for sure -he definitely has a "TYPE."  Lauren Silverman and Mezghan Hussainy could be sisters!

  Lauren Silverman                     Mezghan Hussainy

So be warned - if you're a petite brunette with a nose job and pretty smile - you could be Simon's next baby momma! :)