A Real Housewife Wedding

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So if you're a Real Housewives JUNKIE like myself then you've probably heard that Tamra Barney FINALLLLLLY tied the knot with boyfriend Eddie Judge.   The drama leading up to the wedding is currently playing out on Real Housewives of OC - but hey... why not skip ahead and check out some of the pics from the big day?!?!

First of all - I'm shocked at how much I LOVE her dress!!!
Apparently this gown is one of THREE she wore on the big day, all designed by Mark Zunino. My only critique would be the fact that it's not white - I'm a traditionalist in that way - but I guess it is her 3rd wedding... pink may be more appropriate.
Seriously though - how gorgeous does it look even from the side?!?  I love how the tulle is so full and flowy without being puffy.

It's hard to make out her entire bridal party in this next pic but I spot two, possibly 3, of her RHOC cast mates.

Her dress color wasn't the only non-traditional choice for the day.  Some people chose to say their vows under an arbor of flowers, or some pretty drapery, or a Chuppah [if you just said "HUH?!?" ask your Jewish friend] - but no - Tamra chose a bicycle. Yes...a bicycle.

At least it was painted white - making it a bit more formal... as formal as a bike hanging upside down can be. I guess this was their "personal touch," as Eddie is an avid cyclist.

Anyway - mazel to the newlyweds!