2013 Emmy Rewind

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The 2013 Emmy Awards were full of hilarious moments, bizarre speeches and couture fashion! In today's Morning Dish I recap them all!

NOW... it's time to dive into the details. FIRST OF ALL, did anyone else catch this?

I mean, how awkward was that photo bomb?!?!? I think if the guy just stood there it would have been less distracting. Definitely provided us with a little comical relief though!-Gotta love live TV.

Red Carpet Recap:

And now for more on the fashion!  If ya watched my Morning Dish above then you heard that Kerry Washington was my pick for BEST DRESSED...

...but there were some others who rocked the red carpet with just as much swag!

Julianne Hough, Sarah Hyland & Michelle Dockery @ 2013 EMMYS
 Julianne Hough stunned in a daring sheer Jenny Packham gown.  I think it's sexy without being too over the top.  It works on her because she's so petite.  If she had huge boobs and a big booty I definitely think it wouldn't work as well.

What I love most about Sarah Hyland's look is her use of color. The GORGEOUS jewel tone green is accented with a deep red lipcolor which adds a nice edge to the lacy look.


I was drawn to Michelle Dockery's dress simply because it's so unusual.  I LOVE the fact that the colors clash a bit.  This Prada gown is a perfect fall transition piece. 

Now for my WORST dressed picks.

Lena Dunham, Paula Abdul & Carrie Underwood
I mean... no surprise here, Lena Dunham tops the list.   Clearly she took a page from Kim Kardashian and Adele's upholstery book and went with an odd floral.  

Paula Abdul simply looks like she was wrapped in tin foil.  The fit is bad - it's baggy in awkward places, and I think it'd look much better with a little bit of a neckline.  

You may be surprised that Carrie Underwood made my "Worst Dressed" list, and actually I am too! Let me preface this by saying that I LOVE Carrie, I just think 1999 prom dress chic should be left in 1999.  This dress could [almost] have potential if it was paired with some different jewelry. I just can't handle the "Y" necklace. It honestly reminds me of something you would find at Claires! -or WOULD have found at Claires over 10 years ago.  She still looks pretty, because she's a gorgeous girl - but her wardrobe has definitely seen better days.

So - do you agree with my picks?  Disagree? Take the poll below and let me know who you think is Best & Worst dressed!

Who do you think was BEST dressed at the Emmys?
Kerry Washington
Julianne Hough
Michelle Dockery
Sarah Hyland
Someone else not listed
Who do you think was WORST dressed at the Emmys?
Lena Dunham
Carrie Underwood
Paula Abdul
Someone else not listed