Liam's New Lady

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As if unfollowing Liam on twitter wasn't proof enough...

...I think we can rest assured that Miley's engagement to actor Liam Hemsworth is officially OFF.  Not only that but Mr. Hemsworth has already rebounded with a super hott chick!

That gorgeous lady in red is Mexican actress and singer Eiza Gonzalez.  She and Liam attended the Mayweather/Canelo fight in Vegas last weekend - after which they returned to LA and were spotted getting even more cozy!

Yes, this was a pretty quick rebound - but given all the Miley drama lately, I gotta say I'm happy to see he's moved on.  I  mean, I'm actually shocked that Liam + Miley lasted as long as they did given the MAJOR changes she's gone through over the past year. 

Although WE may not have heard of Eiza much [until now] - she seems to be a MEGA star in Latin America.  Her latest music video has over 14 MILLION VIEWSCheck it out below: