The Ultimate Girl Boss

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I know I'm a day or so late but I couldn't let this time pass without a pause to mention my favorite time of year - PURIM

During this holiday we remember the story of Queen Esther, who is quite possibly the most remarkable human to ever walk this earth. 
She was a queen who knew the power of when to speak and when to remain silent - and because of it she saved an entire nation: The Jewish people.  If it weren't for her courage I wouldn't be here... My people would have been wiped off the earth thousands of years ago. 
Esther is the ultimate #girlboss and her story serves as a reminder that God has placed me - and everyone else - on earth "for such a time as this," for THIS specific time in history. We all have a purpose to fulfill if we have the courage to pursue it.  

Now, I will take this opportunity to have hamantaschen for breakfast - the traditional "Purim cookie." :)