Bye Bye American Idol

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Wow, so after 15 amazing seasons, American Idol is saying goodbye.  While, I must admit I haven't religiously watched it much over the past couple years, Idol will always have a special place in my heart...  After all, it was my first experience in television!  

Since then I've gone on to make a career out of - not only music - but television, and my love for connecting with people.  Whether I'm hosting my segment on EXTRA, on a red carpet,  or even shooting a video for YouTube, I can honestly say I LOVE what I do. 

As a lil' tribute to my Idol days, I thought I'd share some fun pics from my journey... but FIRST, here's the audition that started it all.  (*P.S. Do not judge my singing ability based on this audition, LOL)  Enjoy!

 & now for some photos

My audition day outfit... I looked like a lil hippy with crunchy hair. LOL

Smiling through my nerves with my love and main support in life - my hubby Joel.  He was the one who encouraged me to audition in the first place. 

Before the auditions started, the judges came in to greet us - I remember I was just praying Sasha wouldn't snip at Paula's face!  -She was so scared from all the cheering and screaming as the judges walked in.

Sasha's quality time with Simon.

Hoursssssssss later, finally in front of the judges... and Sasha.

My 10 minutes in the audition room are like a blur.  Surreal, terrifying, extremely BIZARRE are just a few of the terms that come to mind as I think back over it.

I think this was the look on my face seconds before receiving the "Golden Ticket" which would send me on my first trip to Hollywood!

 I think a friend snapped this last picture it off of their television, but this is officially my favorite!  Somehow out of all the auditions producers could have chosen to feature in the promos that season, they chose mine!  What is even funnier to me though... notice the logo on the bottom left!!! I guess I was on EXTRA before I even knew it! :)