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Hello Lovelies!  Hope you all had an amazing week... and weekend.  This just so happened to be an absolutely INSANE past few days for me, and if ya follow me on insta you've probably seen me bouncing from one thing to the next. :)

Thankfully this next week is going to slow down a bit, but I wanted to take some time to share my outfit details and give ya a chance to shop the looks!

So these first two looks I'm grouping together because they're basically the same outfit with a few lil tweaks. These Bella Dahl shirts have quickly become an OBSESSION for me.  Summer is HOT here in Cali, but as soon as the sun goes down, things cool off.  It's important for me to wear stuff that is versatile and can effortlessly take me from day to night.   Now typically I'm not a huge fan of button down shirts.... they tend to make me feel bulky, especially up top!!!   These shirts are made of 100% sheer cotton which keeps me cooler during the days, warmer at night, AND as an extra bonus, they've got a great feminine fit.  I just discovered Bella Dahl recently and I don't know how I've lived without them for so long! Shop the looks right here:


Okay, I'm realizing this blog post is going to quickly turn into a gab sesh about Bella Dahl since I seem to have incorporated pieces from their collection into most of my looks this week... but lets chat about this lil shorts/blouse combo.

Whenever I go to brunch events I feel the need to up my "girly" factor, and these shorts just jumped out at me when I saw them.  They're by Girls on Film (I found almost the exact pair and linked them below... plus some of my other floral favs) and I paired them with a Bella Dahl blouse.  This coin necklace has been a staple in my wardrobe lately so I figured why not throw it on!?!

Lauren Scruggs (pictured next to me) is wearing a Bella Dahl sundress.   To shop our looks, see below! :)


Ya know how when ya hang out with someone a ton you start to kinda look alike?!?!  Well that's definitely happening with my bestie and I! :) Lyndsay (@LyndsayZMakeup on IG) and I both showed up to an event over the weekend wearing ripped jeans, gray booties, blousey shirts and our fav jacket.

Shop our look right here:

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