#OOTD Recap | NYC Trip

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Better late than never right? :)  

Soooooo... if you follow me on instagram, or facebook, or snapchat... or any social media outlet - then you know that my hubby and I took a SUPER FABULOUS trip to NYC last weekend.  I say SUPER FABULOUS because it really was an incredible trip.  I attended the most amazingly lavish wedding I have ever been to, met with some serious "movers and shakers" in the industry, appeared on the Wendy Williams show, and even got to explore some NYC charm (bagels included). 

That being said, I thought I'd do a fun little recap of my trip in the form of outfit breakdowns! I had to pack A TON of clothing because we were literally doing everything from black tie events, to trekking around town.  

When it comes to travel - I always like to look put together.  You NEVER know who you'll meet on the airplane so I'm not one of the people who just throws in pjs for a red eye flight.  I like to be COMFY but still feel cute. :) This combo of leggings, hat, sneakers was perf!


So we arrived in NYC early Friday morning... THANK GOD I was able to sleep on the plane because we hit the ground running!  First stop - COFFEEEEEE!   These sneakers ended up being a LIFE SAVER for me because we walked SOOOOOOOO much while we were there.  The weather was also kinda finicky, it'd be super chilly and then we'd get warm from all the walking we were doing... so layers were a MUST (hence the flannel around my waist, it was NEEDED!).


After a nice little breakfast I had to quick change into something a little more professional for my meetings that afternoon. I traded out my sneakers for some heels, changed into a blazer/tee combo, layered the jewels and added a touch of glam. :) I'm kicking myself for not getting a full outfit pic on this one, but I linked to everything (or similar) in the "Get the Look" section below. 


Saturday = WEDDING TIME!  One of my best friends from Jacksonville (who has since moved back to NYC) was getting hitched and there was no way I could miss her big day!  The ceremony took place in Conneticut and then everyone was bused back to Rockefeller Center/The Rainbow Room for the reception.  It was an INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL evening... and as I mentioned before - black tie.  Listen, I never turn down an opportunity to wear a gown! :)


Not gonna lie... I had the hottest date at the wedding! :)

Oh and shout out to the Lawrence brothers who I couldn't resist snagging a picture with... I definitely had a poster of Joey Lawrence - mullet and all - hanging on my wall as a teenager. #BOPmagazine


Wakey Wakey... time for brunch in the city with one of my FAVORITEEEEE hosts/personalities/friends... Micah Jesse!

I wanted to be comfortable, but I knew we'd be exploring/snapping pics so I wanted to feel cute. :) Also, I did NOT want to wash my hair yet so I had to improvise with a sleek pony tail.


Our final day in NYC was packed full of meetings and my appearance on The Wendy Williams show (WHICH WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!).

When it came to my meetings, again I wanted to look casual but still put together. This safari style vest thingy from Bebe is my new favorite wardrobe addition.  I'm OBSESSED with it!!!  I linked directly to it in the "get the look" section below.


Now what in the heck does a girl wear on The Wendy Williams Show?!?!  Something SUPER FAB of course!

My amazing stylist, Shelby from Night Cap PR, made sure I was chic chic chic.  Nothing looks cleaner on camera than a gorgeous WHITE and this dress by MASON was perfection.  I'm so obsessed with it that I'll be wearing the same thing in pink on EXTRA next week. :)

I paired it with Stuart Weitzman nudist heels and called it a day! Wendy loved it!


And rounding out the trip was a stop at Tim Hortons for some coffee.  By this point we were EXHAUSTED and I wanted to be as comfortable as possible. Literally.  Cue comfy jeans, oversized sweater & sneakers.


Phew... and we are DONE! If you guys only knew how long this just took me to link all the products! LOL  

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post and were inspired to try out some of these looks on yourself! :) love you all! xo, Shae


  1. Awesome post Shae! Where is your sweater (right above) from, what's linked above is different....I need it in my life! Who's it by/brand?

  2. So strange! I responded to this the day you commented but I guess my response didn't go through. I actually got the gray sweater LITERALLY like 6 years ago at Macy's and it's so old that the tag fell off so I have no idea who makes it. :( I'm sorryyyyyyy