VMA Red Carpet Recap

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Okay so I couldn't let tonight pass without doing a blog on VMA fashion... Although I think I could dedicate an entire post to Miley's hideous cry-for-attention-performance.

Lets keep things on an up note though, and shift our focus to Selena Gomez. 

I'm OBSESSED with her red carpet look. She does a great job at keeping things edgy and young while still being sleek and sexy. Head to toe perfection. 

And while we're talking perfection we HAVE to mention Ciara.

She MIGHT be one of the most beautiful people in the world. Wow. Absolutely stunning in this gown. 

Unfortunately not everyone was so fortunate on the red carpet.  Miley, Katy  and Gaga should have all been let through a back entrance (or something) with these looks. 

Katy was the least offensive out of the three. I mean.... I guess this ensemble could be classified as "fun" - just a bit furry for my liking. Also - extremely unflattering. 

Now Miley, on the other hand, is wearing an outfit I swear I designed at a Bedazzled theme birthday party when I was 8. 

However, I'd always chose the Bedazzling over this trashbag mess. 

Actually when I first saw Gaga on the red carpet I immediately had a flashback to the oil spill episode of Saved By The Bell. I was waiting for Zack Morris to rescue her like the little ducks! I mean, I'm glad she's not doing all the crazy netting over her face and stuff... But if you're gonna go for a gown, GO FOR A GOWN! Not a trashbag pleather mess! Eek. 

In closing, Robin Thicke & Paula Patton are the hottest couple ever.  :) 

How fierce are they together?!?!