Bieber's BRATTY Deposition

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So Justin Bieber appeared in court last week for a deposition related to one of his latest lawsuits. The lawsuit is alleging that he had his bodyguard beat up a paparazzo. Naturally, Biebs was called to the stand, and what ensued must have made his mother cringe! The arrogance is seriously off the charts.

In case you missed it - here are some highlights brought to you by TMZ:

I'm sorry... I just can't get over how incredibly DISRESPECTFUL Justin Bieber is.  I guess given his antics lately I shouldn't be all that surprised, but you'd think he'd have enough brains to realize that acting out like this in court only makes him look WORSE! 

It is so frustrating to see such a talented kid turn into a lil punk! I mean... I was on the Justin Bieber fan train 6 years ago after seeing this video:


And now that adorable, sweet lil face has landed in the middle of numerous lawsuits, alleged drug raids, scandalous photo controversies... the list goes on.

I sincerely hope Bieber can clean stuff up.  SOON.