The Bachelor BLACKOUT

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He just might be the most disliked person in America right about now... I'm talking about El Bachelor - Juan Pablo.

If you were among the millions who tuned into the latest season of The Bachelor, then you know exactly what I mean.

It was probably the most bizarre finale in the show's history.  Not only did he not propose to his final pick, Nikki, but he came off a bit complacent about her.

Now I don't have a problem with the fact that he didn't say "I Love You" - because if you're not ready... you're not ready.  It was the fact that he didn't really verbalize any feelings at all.  In fact he acted annoyed when Chris Harrison pressed him about it. 

YOU'RE THE BACHELOR!!!! You come on this show KNOWING that you'll be over verbalizing everyyyyything for America to see.  You don't go on this show looking for a low key, private relationship.  Sorry bud.  That's not how it works.

But apparently Juan Pablo is making his own rules since the finale aired.  According to TMZ, he's told Warner Brothers that he's not going to be doing ANY post show publicity!  He's even cancelled his appearance on Good Morning America.  That's pretty major.

The fact that Warner Brothers isn't pressing him to stay true to his contract says a LOT.

The craziest part about all this is that Juan Pablo started off the season strong!  He charmed us... he took his shirt off... he charmed us some more... he took his shirt off ...  but little by little he started to grate on our nerves. There was something that seemed insincere after a while.

What bothers me MOST about him is not the incredibly offensive statement he made to Clare, or the constant "ISSS OK," or even the incessant face touching... it's the fact that he used "honesty" as an excuse to be mean.

It's VERY possible to be an honest person and upfront about how you feel, without being cruel.  It's called kindness... and it wouldn't hurt Juan Pablo to consider some.  

Am I being harsh on him?  Maybe... but hey... I'm just being HONEST! :)   

SO, what are your thoughts on Juan Pablo?  Do you sympathize with him? Do you think he and Nikki will last?
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