Coachella Style Rewind

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It's been an incredibly quiet weekend here in LA as thousandsssss migrated to the dessert for Coachella.  No, I didn't attend - something about sandstorms, heat and overcrowding seemed unappealing to this JAP... but that doesn't mean I wasn't inspired by the fashion.   It's almost like a huge hippy costume party!  Here are some of my fav celeb looks

Katherine McPhee
 I love Katherine in all white: monochromatic, summery, fun and flirty!

Kylie Jenner
My fav part about Kylie's look is her perfectly bronzed face.   I could do without the black choker - reminds me a bit of 1999, but whatevs.

Kendall Jenner
Now, Kendall's look on the other hand is perrrrrrrrfection head to toe.  I don't know if that's henna detailing on her face or what, but I love it!  Also the sheer floral kimono is everyyyything. So cute paired with the cropped top and high waisted shorts.

Selena Gomez
Unfortunately Kendall's BFF Selena didn't really pull off the sheer floral thing as well.  Love her floppy hat though!

Vanessa Hudgens
I honestly didn't even recognize Vanessa Hudgens with these long blonde locks!  Her tunic is super cute... but I'm kinda unsure about the ankle jangles.  A little tooooooo gypsy for me.

Hillary Duff
Hillary Duff's is our lil safari chic chick.  This is probably one of the most wearable day-to-day looks I've seen at Coachella... although that scarf must have been HOTTTTT.

Julianne Hough
 It was denim on denim for Julianne Hough, layered with tons of turquoise.  Such a cute look for her.

Kate Bosworth
Aaaaaaaaand my favorite FACE of Coachella was definitely Kate Bosworth.  I'm going to have to do a makeup re-creation of this look - and maybe even a tutorial! How does that sound?  Perfectly peach! She is absolutely stunning.

So, which celeb had your fav Coachella look?  Tweet me a pic at @ShaeWilbur!