It's a BOY!

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Simon Cowell celebrated a very special Valentines Day yesterday, with the arrival of his first child - a baby Boy named Eric.

SUUUUURE, there was a TON of controversy surrounding the pregnancy of his {now girlfriend} Lauren Silverman...  remember she just so happened to be MARRIED to his best friend at the time of her pregnancy...

 ... but much of that has seemingly blown over as the happy couple now celebrate their new son.

So at 54, Simon is a first time Daddy.  I wonder if this is going to soften him up a bit?!?!

He was actually in London when Lauren went into labor, but hopped a flight to the States as soon as he heard that the baby was on the way.   Eric, who was named after Simon's late father, was born at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

Now make an honest woman outta her and PUT A RING ON IT ALREADY!