TOO MUCH Photoshop?!?

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I mean - at this point in time I expect magazine covers to have a bit of retouching here and there... but someone went a bit overboard on this one:

I actually find it a bit humurous that the article is titled "Style Icons with Killer Curves" yet those curves have CLEARLY been refined in the picture.

I think the part that is most odd looking to me is Kim's shoulder/arm area.

She looks distorted - the proportion is off... something is weird there.

Kourtney looks the most normal to me, and Khloe - although she looks GORGE - looks much smaller than usual.

Although I will say, Khloe has been MAJORLY stepping up her game lately.

I've never seen her look so beautiful! -And after what she's been through over the past year with Lamar - this girl deserves some peace, happiness, and fabulousness!

So what do you think?!?!  Is this too much Photoshop?  Tweet me @ShaeWilbur and let me know!