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There's no doubt that Selena Gomez has been a bit MIA lately, and now we know why:

She's basically been in hiding at an Arizona rehab facility called The Meadows, getting treatment for "a combination of problems."  Selena spent two weeks there in January and sources are citing alcohol abuse and prescription drugs as the main reason...

But my EXCLUSIVE INSIDER points to something a bit deeper.

Selena's team purposefully chose to get her out of the spotlight [for a time] so she could focus on her own mental health and not be burdened by media pressure, ESPECIALLY given the craziness surrounding her ex - Bieber - right now.

"Other people need to take note.  These young celebs are enduring so much stress at such a young age and it's only a matter of time before they implode from all the pressure and media spotlight.  Selena is lucky she has a team around her that's looking out for HER best interest and is willing to get her away from a bad situation that was bound to get worse," Says my Insider.

Ya gotta wonder where in the heck Justin Bieber's "team" is at this time.  I know I'm not the only one wishing he'd be whisked away to obscurity for a bit.

And ya gotta feel for Selena.... Dealing with a breakup is hard for ANYONE, and I can't imagine how much more difficult it'd be if your ex just so happened to be Justin Bieber.  I mean, having all of his craziness thrown in your face every day by the media could only make things harder.

I know a lot of her fans were upset that she cancelled her tour late last year, but it's good to see her taking the time she needs to focus her mental health.  I'm so glad to see Selena is back on her feet and only wish her the best going forward.